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February 2020


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February 2020

The February webinar agenda included:

  • Introduction and FHWA Update - Jim Austrich (FHWA)
  • FHWA TIM Instructor LED Virtual Training (ILVT) - Pat Rooney, (Maryland DOT State Highway Administration) and Lori Miller (Varner Miller, Inc.)
  • National TIM Training Efforts for 2020 and Beyond - Jim Austrich (FHWA) and Katie Belmore (HNTB)

January 2020

The January webinar agenda included:

  • Introduction and FHWA Update-  Paul Jodoin
  • National TIM Responder Training Update- Jim Austrich
  • Pennsylvania Success with Training in big cities, Fire and the new emergency response manual - Todd Leiss, Traffic Incident Management Coordinator, Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission
  • Using Data to Explore Open Roads Clearance Times, Shawn Kinney, Road Ranger Program Manager, Florida DOT

December 2019

The December webinar agenda included:                                                                                                          

  •     FHWA Update- Paul Jodoin, TIM Program Manager
  •     National TIM Responder Training Update – Jim Austrich, FHWA TIM Program Manager   
  •     Georgia Highway Emergency Response Operations (HERO) Program 25th Anniversary Event – Jason Josey, GDOT HERO Program Manager
  •     2019 Annual TIM Self-Assessment Results – Rebecca Brewster, President and CEO , American Transportation Research Institute and Paul Jodoin, FHWA Program Manager

November 2019

The November webinar agenda included:                                                                                                          

  • Tony Leingang – Reinvigorating Washington States TIM Activities
  • Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) Protect the Queue Initiative

    October 2019

    The October 2019 webinar featured: 

    • Dennis O'Neil of Ohio DOT on the Ohio "Roll Call" video and "Leave It" training
    • Erick McCallum of CG Environmental on a unique approach to HAZMAT cleanups

    September 2019

    The September 2019 webinar featured:

    • John McClellan on the use of TMC video to improve TIM at Minnesota DOT
    • Angelia Barnett on Arizona's TIM program overview and formalized TIM awards program
    • Ellen Kamilakas on the use of social media to benefit TIM in Northern Virginia

    August 2019

    The August 2019 webinar series features:

    • Eric Gordin on Florida Turnpike Enterprise Innovative Towing Programs
    • TJ Kripal on Nebraska Department of Transportation Responder Training Program
    • Jack Sullivan from the Responder Safety Institute

    July 2019

    The July 2019 webinar features:

    • David McDonald on Texas TIM Outreach and Program Coordination
    • Jim Roth on Ohio Towing and Recovery Incentive Payment (TRIP) Program
    • Todd Leiss on Pennsylvania Safety Transportation and Research Track (PennSTART)

    June 2019

    The June 2019 webinar featured:

    • Scott Yinger with an Overview of Maryland’s CHART Program and Operations
    • Brian Purvis on Georgia Coordinated Highway Assistance and Maintenance Program (CHAMP)


    May 2019

    The May 2019 webinar featured:

    • David Bryson and Jonathan Krohmer, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Office of EMS on Commission on Accreditation for Pre-Hospital Continuing Education (CAPCE) Partnership
    • Annual 2019 TIM Capability Maturity Self-Assessment Kick-Off with Paul Jodoin and Rebecca Brewster

    April 2019

    The April webinar featured:

    • Juan Hernandez on Nevada’s TIM Program – Successes and Lessons Learned
    • Vaishali Shah, AEM Corporation on Crowdsourcing TIM –Innovative Practices to Expedite Detection and Expand Coverage
    • John Teachout on Oro Valley Police Department – Drones Improve Crash Scene Analysis

    March 2019

    The initial Talking TIM webinar featured:

    • Michael VanDaniker, CATT Lab on New Business Case Concepts for TIM data through the Regional Integrated Transportation Information System (RITIS) platform
    • Justin Guinan on the Oregon TIM Program featuring Push, Pull and Drag.