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TIM Responder Training

The National Traffic Incident Management Responder Training was created for responders, by responders. This course provides first responders a shared understanding of the requirements for safe, quick clearance of traffic incident scenes; prompt, reliable, and open communication; and motorist and responder safeguards. First responders learn how to operate more efficiently and collectively.

The TIM Responder training contact for your state can be found here.  Alternatively, download instructions for signing up for the two no-cost, web-based training options. Following are direct links for these options:

All TIM related training modules from the Emergency Responder Safety Institute can be found here:

To learn the level of training by responder community and state, download the following two documents:

New Resource for Traffic Crash Reporting

The following PowerPoint developed by the FHWA TIM Program can be played as a video and offers guidance for law enforcement officers on why and how to complete the crash form. It is well suited to be played during roll call for law enforcement officers.

To watch this video:

  1. Download the powerpoint file
  2. Open the file, go to slide show tab
  3. Click play "from beginning"