Communications Tool Kit

These seven customizable tools are designed to facilitate agency communication about TSM&O to three target audiences:

  • Decision Makers – includes policy decision makers and any staff that recommend funding allocations to policy makers
  • Implementers – includes all functional area practitioners that plan, design, implement, or operate TSM&O improvements or services
  • Travelers – includes passenger and freight users of the transportation system

Customize these tools to your agency’s context and branding:

TSM&O Decision Maker Presentation Template: Operations in the 21st Century DOT: Meeting Customer Needs and Expectations

Use this presentation to help educate DOT decision makers and make the case for increased TSM&O investment to reduce congestion, improve safety, and minimize delay.

TSM&O Decision Maker Presentation Template: Regional Operations in the 21st Century: A Vital Role for MPOs

Use this presentation to help educate Metropolitan Planning Organization decision makers and make the case for increased TSM&O investment to reduce congestion, improve safety, and minimize delay.

TSM&O Implementers Presentation Template: Transportation Systems Management and Operations: Technology Solutions and Active Management

Use this presentation to introduce the basic concepts of TSM&O to practitioners and encourage them identify and use existing data and resources to leverage success.

TSM&O Tri-fold Brochure: New Technologies and Innovative Approaches to Keep Traffic Moving

Customize this brochure to inform the traveling public about what your agency is doing to improve reliability by applying TSM&O strategies—and how they’ll benefit.

TSM&O One-page Fact Sheet: Transportation Systems Management & Operations: A 21st Century Approach to Transportation Planning and Management

Customize this fact sheet to inform agency implementers about TSM&O strategies and how collaboration and demonstrating results are keys to success.


TSM&O Sample Editorial/Press Release

Tailor this draft editorial using local context to broaden the public’s understanding of your agency’s responsibility for TSM&O activities and their benefits. It is intended for publication in a daily or weekly newspaper, or it can be used for public remarks/press release.


TSM&O Talking Points

Use these talking points to quickly communicate the value of TSM&O to the public, freight providers, or emergency management. Tailor them to your context and information for the greatest impact. Note: These messages are for a non-transportation professional to use with a non-transportation audience. To create messages for peer-to-peer communication or to a transportation decision maker, please refer to the Business Case Primer.