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As agencies and organizations adopt a transportation systems management & operations (TSMO) focus, the industry has identified the urgent need to develop and grow the TSMO workforce. Growing and developing the TSMO workforce requires a variety of approaches and strategies, from educating students on TSMO careers to increasing the skills of the current workforce.

This series of webpages captures the growing number of resources available across the industry, from U.S. DOT and the National Network for the Transportation Workforce to formalized training programs. Additionally, there are number of resources to help TSMO agencies take a broader approach in organizing and developing their TSMO personnel. Lastly, ongoing industry research and activities will continue to define the knowledge, skills, and abilities for the TSMO workforce and better define the needs for a successful TSMO workforce. We've outlined a few of these activities and will continue to capture those resources as they are developed.

We've organized the resources into the following categories (corresponding to the menu on the right):

We want to capture and incorporate your resources. Please email Adam Hopps to share anything you feel will help the industry towards developing a TSMO workforce.


The National Operations Center of Excellence (NOCoE) has identified workforce development as one of its most important initiatives to help address the needs of the Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO) community.To begin this effort, the Center hosted a two-day summit on TSMO workforce development on June 22–23, 2016. The goal of the summit was to identify viable actions that NOCoE can either influence and encourage the development of additional resources for TSMO workforce development.

The proceedings and findings from its two-day workforce development summit are presented in this document for the TSMO community, participants and partners. (NOCoE 2016 Workforce  Summit Proceedings and  Implementation Plan)

In preparation for the summit, NOCoE produced three white papers focused on the current workforce environment for the TSMO community prepared in advance of the summit. The white papers provided context and discussion starting points by focusing on the following key issues: institutional context for TSMO in transportation agencies, professional capacity building needs vs. available resources, recruitment, retention, and career development. (Summit White Papers)