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Crash Responder Safety Week 2023: November 13-17

The Crash Responder Safety Week (CRSW) initiative, recognizing all traffic incident management (TIM) response communities, will take place this year from November 13-17, 2023.

This week affords a unique opportunity for every Traffic Incident Management (TIM) community to make a difference individually and jointly for roadway safety during traffic incidents. TIM communities across the nation come together this week by teaching each other and the motoring public about our common goal and responsibility for safe, quick roadway clearance. To learn more about CRSW, please visit the FHWA CRSW site.

National Kickoff for Crash Responder Safety Week - Year 2023

We are planning to hold a National Kickoff for Crash Responder Safety Week on November 13, 2023. Event information will be provided soon. 

All State Planning Calls

TIM professionals, State and local public information and communications officers, and response community leaders are invited to join the 3-part All-State planning webinar series. Each webinar feature expert(s) related to a key outreach mechanism for CRSW. The FHWA TIM Program team (Jim Austrich, Paul Jodoin, and Joe Tebo) then conduct an all-state roll call, requesting that responder communities in each State highlight their plans to commemorate the week. We kindly request highlights be limited to a minute or two. Planning webinars take place on the following dates

  • June 21, 2023 - Register now
  • July 12, 2023 - registration open soon
  • October 11, 2023 - registration open soon

Crash Responder Safety Week 2022 Planning Efforts

CRSW Campaign Toolkit - Year 2022

The theme for the 2022 Crash Responder Safety Week (CRSW) was "Respect Our Roadside Heroes." To help amplify common messages, the FHWA Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Program established—in cooperation with the CRSW National Committee and State stakeholders—a calendar for daily CRSW communications. The FHWA encouraged organizations to communicate day-of-week themes through stories and testimonials from responders that help put the traveling public "in their shoes."

In advance of CRSW, organizations helped promote this week by publishing a CRSW article in your organization’s print or electronic newsletter (customizable CRSW article), recording a video message from your organization’s leadership commemorating CRSW (customizable video script, distributing the CRSW2022 flyer, and created a social media plan for CRSW.

To help to increase this important week's key messages by using the CRSW Daily Calendar to align your promotion, press outreach, and social media engagement with hundreds of other organizations. Use #RoadsideHeroes when posting on social media. The FHWA will promote CRSW events using its official Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram platforms.

CRSW Daily Calendar - Year 2022

Please click on the theme for each day to access sample social media postings and optional supporting resources.

CRSW All-States Planning Webinar Series - Year 2022

Crash Responder Safety Week 2021 Planning Efforts

The following summarizes the 2021 webinars:

CRSW Resource List

NOCoE is pleased to partner with FHWA to feature CRSW partner resources. We encourage TIM partners to share their CRSW outreach materials with the FHWA TIM program for potential inclusion in the resources list below. Please share your planned press release, dynamic message sign strategy, video, Governor’s proclamation, poster or flyers, mass training announcements, and other CRSW materials to with the subject line “CRSW2022.”

How to Obtain a Governor’s Proclamation for CRSW:
CRSW 2021 Resources:
Social Media Resources:
  • Pixabay – find royalty-free photos
  • Unsplash – find royalty-free photos
  • Hootsuite – schedule your social media posts in advance
  • TweetDeck – schedule your social media posts in advance
Reference Videos:
Sample Press Release and News Coverage
Other Resources: