Talking TIM Webinar Series: August 2019


The Talking TIM webinar series brings to your desk the great and varied work happening on the ground and around the country in traffic incident management. Topics touch on issues of relevance for TIM executives, managers, operators, and responders. Be sure to tune in to each session for ideas, tools, and resources to support and advance safe and quick clearance of roadway incidents. The series is sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration in cooperation with the National Operations Center of Excellence. Learning Objectives: Better understand current TIM practices, technologies, and programs.

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Paul Jodoin – Welcome and Introductions Paul is the TIM Program Manager in the FHWA Office of Operations with over 40 years of transportation experience between his state and Federal careers.


James Austrich – National TIM Responder Training Program Update James is the FHWA’s Responder Training Program Manager and a National champion for responder safety. He will provide an update on the objective to train incident responders nationally.

Eric Gordin – Florida Turnpike Enterprise Innovative Towing Programs Eric is the Assistant Traffic Operations Engineer at Florida’s Turnpike, part of the Florida Department of Transportation, where he has worked for 16 years and helps lead multiple areas of the Traffic Operations program, including Incident Management. Eric will discuss the Turnpike’s STARR program that utilizes licensed and certified tow and road service operators to facilitate expedient, safe and efficient towing services for wrecked and/or disabled motor vehicles and the removal of abandoned vehicles, debris and/or cargo from Turnpike System Rights-of-Way. As an added value, Eric will provide recent information about a relatively new program called “Safe Courtesy Tow” that helps customers find alternate methods of receiving assistance and temporarily relocating them from the roadside in a safe manner.

TJ Kripal – Nebraska Department of Transportation Responder Training Program TJ Kripal is the Highway Emergency Program Specialist for the Nebraska Dept. of Transportation in Lincoln Nebraska. He is a retired Air Force Emergency Manager and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Education and an Applied Science Associate degree in Emergency Management. Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Training improvements in Nebraska. Some TIM training strategies we use to target those agencies that still need the training. How we provide Traffic Control Devices free to public agencies to get buy in and boost attendance.

Jack Sullivan – Responder Safety Institute Jack Sullivan retired with over 25 years of service as a volunteer firefighter and now serves as the Director of Training for the Emergency Responder Safety Institute. Jack is a subject matter expert on roadway incident operations and emergency responder safety and promotes proactive strategies and tactics for protecting emergency workers from being struck by vehicles while working on or near roadways. He has held advisory positions with numerous National committees and organizations and is a Master Instructor for the FHWA National TIM Responder Training Program. Jack has studied emergency vehicle lighting for approximately 20 years and his presentation describes some of the recent work being done in that area.

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August 28th, 2019
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