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Business Case Primer: Communicating the Value of Transportation Systems Management and Operations


This business case primer provides the "who, what, when and how" to successfully communicate the business case for TSM&O. It is intended to help practitioners communicate messages about the value and benefits of TSM&O so that key decision makers and peers will actively support TSM&O implementation and integration within their agency.

Three basic steps will allow you to communicate successfully:

  • Identify target audiences and reasons to implement TSM&O that resonate with each
  • Learn about opportunities for communication—informal and formal
  • Prepare to deliver the message whenever the opportunity is available

Also included:

  • Specific messages organized by audience type (decision makers, implementers, travelers) and problem/issue
  • Effective communication messages from agencies and organizations that support TSM&O Summaries of communication messages, facts, and sound bites by audience and sub-audiences
  • Summaries of communication messages, facts, and sound bites by audience and sub-audiences

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    Communicating Reliability Information

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FAQs / Benefits Brochure

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