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NOCoE Workforce Development Peer Exchange

Virtual Peer Exchange will take place May 24 and 26, 2022

The National Operations Center of Excellence is pleased to announce its upcoming Peer Exchange on Workforce Development. The Peer Exchange will take place virtually on Tuesday, May 24th and Thursday, May 26th rom 11am - 4:30pm ET each day. Please see the full agenda here

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This Peer Exchange follows last autumn’s highly successful NOCoE TSMO Workforce Summit that brought together TSMO leaders from around the country representing the public and private sector, universities, and community colleges. The Summit proceedings capture the prioritization of actions to address TSMO’s workforce needs and a first round of products coming out of the Summit are available on NOCoE’s Workforce Development portal.

Attendees will be invited to submit in advance of the Peer Exchange their success stories on one more workforce initiatives. These will be assembled and shared with all attendees at the Peer Exchange with a selection to be highlighted in plenaries and breakouts. They will also serve as the basis for a post Peer Exchange compilation of workforce resources for widespread dissemination.

Audience: We encourage both TSMO and Human Resources professionals from state and local DOTs and MPOs to attend. We also invite TSMO experts from academia and the private sector to join us for a series of plenary and breakout sessions designed to share practical information on a range of workforce matters from recruitment to training and retention.

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