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NOCoE 2016 Workforce Summit Proceedings and Implementation Plan


NOCoE 2016 Workforce Summit Proceedings and Implementation Plan

The National Operations Center of Excellence’s (NOCoE) identified workforce development as one of the focus areas that would provide value to the Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO) community and hosted a two-day summit on TSMO workforce development on June 22–23, 2016. The proceedings and findings from its two-day workforce development summit are presented in this document for the TSMO community, participants and partners. The goal of the summit was to identify viable actions that NOCoE can either influence and encouragement the development of additional resources for TSMO workforce development. In preparation for the summit, NOCoE produced three white papers focused on the current workforce environment for the TSMO community prepared in advance of the summit. The white papers provided context and discussion starting points by focusing on four key issues: institutional context for TSMO in transportation agencies, professional capacity building needs vs. available resources, recruitment, retention, and career development.

Read ahead materials and more information on the summit can be found here

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