University Education

TSMO programs and curriculum at the university level will be a key driver for expanding the transportation workforce and enable both public and private sector to better serve the traveling public.

The University of Memphis and their Southeast Transportation Workforce Center are developing an undergraduate course on transportation operations. Course overviews, curriculum, and outcomes are available here.

Additionally, the National Network of Transportation Workforce Centers has developed a Career Pathways Initiative to engage students in the post-secondary educational continuum to choose transportation career pathways. The demonstrations will leverage insights from employers to empower students to first learn about critical transportation occupations and then develop the skills to meet the related workforce challenges. With multidisciplinary specialists, stakeholders from across the country, and extensive labor market analysis, the national network team is uniquely positioned to carry out the goals of the strategic initiative. The career pathway demonstration programs will prepare future transportation professionals to develop industry competencies and move beyond disciplinary silos to address transportation workforce challenges throughout the nation. Join the Career Pathways Initiative here.

Additional resources, collected by the Southeast Transportation Workforce Center:

For Teachers

National Employability Skills Framework: Central clearinghouse on resources for instruction and assessment for employability skills

Strengthening Skills Training & Career Pathways Across the Transportation Industry: Fact sheet and full report examining six subsectors in transportation including:  trucking, highway construction and maintenance, transit and ground passenger transportation, rail, air, and maritime transportation

Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics (TDL) Competency Model: Collaboratively developed competency model highlighting personal, academic, workplace, industry, and sector competencies necessary for success in TDL careers 

Heavy Highway Civil Construction Competency Model: Collaboratively developed competency model highlighting personal, academic, workplace, industry, and sector competencies necessary for success in highway civil construction careers

Transportation Lesson Plans ( Resources developed through Career Clusters partnership between US Department of Transportation and National Association of State Directors of Career and Technical Education, including transportation careers modules, fully tested problem-based scenarios, and other materials to support integration of transportation topics in the classroom

Transportation Lesson Plans (from University of Memphis Transportation Engineering Careers program): Standards-based lesson plans integrating science, technology, engineering, and math content in hands-on, problem-based format set within a transportation context

Go!  Exploring the World of Transportation: Web resource containing career information, curriculum, articles, and comics related to transportation

For Students

Fast Forward: Comprehensive, interactive web resource containing transportation career profiles, video interviews of transportation professionals, career exploration newsletter, and transportation-related scholarship and internship opportunities

US Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Careers: Resources highlighting FHWA careers, the online application process, and internship programs

US Department of Transportation Careers in Motion: Student Employment Initiative resources including internships, volunteer opportunities, descriptions of jobs by college major, and tips for getting prepared for a career with US DOT

O*NET OnLine Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics Career Cluster: Career resources including job categories, detailed work descriptions, and required skills, knowledge, education, and/or certifications for transportation career cluster occupations with links to job openings, apprenticeships, and training programs

West Tennessee STEM Hub: Transportation fact sheets and professional profiles (STEM Spotlights) highlighting transportation career opportunities