K-12 Student Education

Educating K-12 students on career opportunities in the field of transportation is essential to improving the workforce.

Several activities are underway throughout the country, ranging from DOT engagement with K-12 students to actual high schools focused developing transportation professionals. A collection of resources below was compiled by the Southeast Transportation Workforce Center. We are looking to identify more programs and resources for K-12 students that will enable the TSMO workforce. Please email Adam Hopps with any information that would be useful to share with the broader community.

T-STEM Academy in Memphis, TN

The Southeast Transportation Workforce Center (SETWC) at the University of Memphis, including the development of a Transportation STEM (T-STEM) academy at East High School in Memphis, TN. The vision is that this school and its collaborative partnerships will become a local, regional, and national example for preparing students for STEM careers, with particular focus on the transportation industry. The T-STEM model will serve as a platform for truly transformational educational experiences for students that prepare them to be successful in post-secondary career and educational endeavors.  More information is available here.

Resources For Teachers

SETWC Transportation Academy Lesson Plans for High School Students: Agenda, lesson plans, and resources developed by SETWC staff for the week-long summer Transportation Academy for high school students.

NanoSonic STEM Lesson Plans: Engaging transportation activities for middle and high school students, all tied to STEM content and concepts!

National Employability Skills Framework: Central clearinghouse on resources for instruction and assessment for employability skills

Strengthening Skills Training & Career Pathways Across the Transportation Industry: Fact sheet and full report examining six subsectors in transportation including:  trucking, highway construction and maintenance, transit and ground passenger transportation, rail, air, and maritime transportation

Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics (TDL) Competency Model: Collaboratively developed competency model highlighting personal, academic, workplace, industry, and sector competencies necessary for success in TDL careers 

Heavy Highway Civil Construction Competency Model: Collaboratively developed competency model highlighting personal, academic, workplace, industry, and sector competencies necessary for success in highway civil construction careers

Transportation Lesson Plans (www.transportationcareers.org): Resources developed through Career Clusters partnership between US Department of Transportation and National Association of State Directors of Career and Technical Education, including transportation careers modules, fully tested problem-based scenarios, and other materials to support integration of transportation topics in the classroom

Transportation Lesson Plans (from University of Memphis Transportation Engineering Careers program): Standards-based lesson plans integrating science, technology, engineering, and math content in hands-on, problem-based format set within a transportation context

Go!  Exploring the World of Transportation:Web resource containing career information, curriculum, articles, and comics related to transportation

Resources For Students

Fast Forward: Comprehensive, interactive web resource containing transportation career profiles, video interviews of transportation professionals, career exploration newsletter, and transportation-related scholarship and internship opportunities

US Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Careers: Resources highlighting FHWA careers, the online application process, and internship programs

US Department of Transportation Careers in Motion: Student Employment Initiative resources including internships, volunteer opportunities, descriptions of jobs by college major, and tips for getting prepared for a career with US DOT

O*NET OnLine Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics Career Cluster: Career resources including job categories, detailed work descriptions, and required skills, knowledge, education, and/or certifications for transportation career cluster occupations with links to job openings, apprenticeships, and training programs

West Tennessee STEM Hub: Transportation fact sheets and professional profiles (STEM Spotlights) highlighting transportation career opportunities