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Crash Responder Safety Week 2022: All States Webinar #1


The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) invites State public information and communications officers, Traffic Incident Management (TIM) professionals, and response community leaders to the All States Webinar series to advance Crash Responder Safety Week (CRSW) planning. CRSW takes place November 14 to 18, 2022. CRSW affords a unique opportunity for every TIM professional to make a difference individually and jointly for incident responder and road user safety. To facilitate the sharing of CRSW ideas and strategies, FHWA is hosting three webinars.

This first webinar focused on core CRSW strategies that every State can establish. Participants heard from peers how their agencies secured a Governor’s Proclamation, used changeable message signs, conducted social media outreach, planned mass TIM responder training events, and more. Presenters from our TIM community included:

  • Josué Cruz-MartinezProject Manager​ at CMA Architects and Engineers and Ashley Vargas-Figueroa, TMC Program Manager​, Metric Engineering, will highlight Puerto Rico Highway and Transportation Authority’s CRSW activities.
  • Brian PurvisSenior Transportation Operations Engineer, AECOM, will share the successes and lessons in planning and delivering Georgia’s CRSW efforts.
  • Patrick Rooney, Training Manager for CHART Operations at the Maryland Department of Transportation, will share the successes and lessons in planning and delivering Maryland’s CRSW efforts.

During this webinar, the FHWA TIM Program Manager, Jim Austrich, shared existing resources from FHWA, NOCoE, and response-specific national associations that any State agency can use in planning their CRSW footprint. The FHWA also conducted an abbreviated all-State roll call, requesting responder communities in each State to provide updates on their plans to commemorate the week. 



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