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Data Management Specialist

Job Title:

Data Management Specialist

Job Category:




☒Systems and Data Management

Minimum Years of Experience/Position Level:

5-10 Years/Mid-Level

Applicable to:






☒Toll Agency

General Summary of Position / Purpose of Position

The Data Management Specialist is responsible for using a wide variety of information, knowledge, and tools to develop, modify, and administer databases used to store and retrieve data and to develop standards for the handling of data.  This work often involves difficult and complex problems in the administration of databases, in the modification of data elements, retrieval, and reporting of information from the databases, and insuring the security of data.  The role requires the ability to lead projects related to data management and to work across disciplines.

Roles and Responsibilities

1.0 Technical

% of Time

  1. Develop, design, and maintain agency databases.
  2. Develop file organization, indexing methods, and security procedures for data access and development and ensure compliance with data management standards.
  3. Develop data dictionaries, data models, metadata repositories, and other data management tools.
  4. Generate complex queries and reports
  5. Develop, implement, and maintain database back-up and recovery procedures and ensure data integrity, security, recoverability is built into the DOT’s processes and applications.
  6. Perform a wide range of database administration functions, including running test queries, troubleshooting database problems, maintaining version control of database entities, advising customers on new database features, and leading studies to evaluate the effectiveness of current database methods and procedures.
  7. Ensure agency is remaining in line with state of practice regarding performance, security, and data management techniques.
  8. Participate on committees, task teams and in other groups as needed, providing technical expertise and support for evaluating and recommending data management products.
  9. Oversee lead team / group activity, documenting results and related presentations as necessary.
  10. Act as a technical advisor on the use of traffic engineering, intelligent transportation system data, tolling data, standards, policies and best practices to other departments, local governments, and agencies.


2.0 Customer Service

% of Time

  1. Participate in meetings, on committees, task teams and other groups with internal and external customers to support TSMO interests and provide technical guidance related to traffic data management.
  2. Provide accurate and timely responses to the public, contractors, and other department personnel.
  3. Promote good public relations with internal and external stakeholders while adhering to internal policies.
  4. Communicate effectively (strong written and verbal communication skills) and work well with team members from diverse technical backgrounds.


3.0 Project Management

% of Time

  1. Lead the implementation of data management projects across divisions, but particularly those related to TSMO.
  2. Develop documentation for data acquisition and management in contract funding, request for proposal (RFP) and related documents, and participate on technical review committees (TRC).


4.0 Other

% of Time

  1. Perform other duties as required.



☐High School Degree

☐Technical Degree/Associate Degree

☐ Bachelor’s Degree in Related Field

☒Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering; or

☒Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science; or

☒Bachelor’s Degree in Business

☐Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science

☐Bachelor’s Degree in Science, Economics, Statistics, or another Quantitative Field

☐Master’s Degree in Engineering

☐Master’s Degree in Engineering (preferred but not required)

☐Master’s Degree in Quantitative Field (preferred but not required)

☐PhD in Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Electrical or Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or related field (preferred but not required)

Certificates, Licenses, Registrations

☐Registered Engineer in Training

☐Registered Professional Engineer

☐Professional Traffic Operations Engineer

☐Certified Information Systems Security Professional