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TWG 3: Infrastructure Operator, OEM, and Supplier Partnerships

Chair: Matt Smith, Michigan Department of Transportation,

Co-Chair: Roger Berg, DENSO,

The purpose of this TWG is to identify cross-cutting issues related to infrastructure operators, OEMs and suppliers, and discuss possible approaches towards resolving them. Examples of known issues include: access to vehicle based data, privacy, cybersecurity, and liability for the infrastructure operators, OEMs, and suppliers. This TWG will discuss and expand upon these and other issues and develop a scope and a work plan. Membership will be comprised of a combination of public and private sector members, representing all aspects of the industry. TWG members will work together to develop descriptions of the actions that are needed to resolve the issues addressed by the group.

TWG 3 Roster:

# First Name Last Name Organization
1 Adrian Pearmine DKS Associates
2 Allison Klein ARTBA
3 Aurenice Oliveira Michigan Technological University
4 Ben McKeever Volpe Center
5 Bill Mahoney National Center for Atmospheric Research
6 Blaine Leonard Utah DOT
7 Brian DePan Jacobs Engineering Group
8 Carl Andersen USDOT - FHWA
9 Craig Gardner Intelight
10 Daniel Hermann IAV GmbH
11 Darryl Dawson ITS Engineering, Ltd. (ITSE)
12 Deborah Curtis USDOT - FHWA
13 Devang Naik Marben Products
14 Dmitri Khijniak 7layers, Inc.
15 Ed Bradley Toyota Motor North America
16 Ed Hutchinson Florida DOT
17 Eric Tennessen Warning Lites of Minnesota
18 Eryca McCartin Dinsdale Oregon DOT
19 Faroog Ibrahim Savari Inc.
20 Gary Wallace SiriusXM Connected Vehicles
21 Geoff Smith WMC
22 Gregory Davis USDOT - FHWA
23 Harry Voccola HERE
24 Hiroto Nakajima Subaru R&D
25 Jack Hall Contra Costa Transportation Authority
26 Jeff Price GRIDSMART Technologies, Inc.
27 John Bassett New York State DOT
28 John Derr Gannett Fleming
29 John Estrada eTransSystems
30 John Robb Hyundai
31 Jonathan Riehl Wisconsin TOPS Lab
32 Kevin Ro Toyota Motor North America, Inc.
33 Kiel Ova Traffic Technology Services, Inc.
34 Larry Head University of Arizona
35 Mary Doyle SAE International
36 Masashi Yamamoto Mazda North American Operations
37 Matt Smith Michigan DOT
38 Melissa Lance Virginia DOT
39 Melissa Tooley Texas A&M Transportation Institute
40 Mike Shulman Ford
41 Mohammad Battah 7layers, Inc.
42 Mohammed Hadi Florida international university
43 Monali Shah HERE
44 Navin Katta Savari Inc.
45 Nishil Naik Marben Products
46 Oliver Brandl Kapsch TrafficCom AG
47 Patrick Brunett Cohda Wireless America LLC
48 Patrick Chan Consensus Systems Technologies (ConSysTec)
49 Paul Carlson City of Columbus
50 Paul Steinman Florida Department of Transportation
51 Peter Thompson SANDAG
52 Peter Rafferty University of Wisconsin-Madison
53 Praveen Singh Arada Systems
54 Ram Kandarpa BAH
55 Randell Iwasaki Contra Costa Transportation Authority
56 Ravi Puvvala Savari
57 Ray Starr Minnesota DOT
58 Robert Arnold USDOT - FHWA
59 Robert Dingess GTMA
60 Robert Rupert USDOT - FHWA
61 Roger Berg DENSO International America, Inc.
62 Roy Goudy Nissan Technical Center North America
63 Scott Geisler General Motors
64 Steve Kuciemba Parsons Brinckerhoff
65 Steven Siko Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
66 Susan Wilson Technology Planning
67 Suzanne Sloan Volpe Center
68 William Mahoney National Center for Atmospheric Research
69 Dan Dietrich FLIR Intelligent Transportation Systems

Table 1 – TWG #3 Roster


V2I Issues of Interest to TWG 3

The TWG 1 Work Plan for June 2015 – June 2016 includes activities to contribute to four issues surrounding V2I Deployments.  The issues TWG 3 will contribute to are as follows:

  • Issue 1: V2X Applications

  • Issue 3: V2I Data

  • Issue 7: Understanding the Benefits and Costs of V2I Deployment and Operation

  • Issue 16: Operators and OEM Goals for V2I

TWG 1 June 2015 – June 2016 Work Plan Summary

TWG 1 members approved a Work Plan for the Technical Working Group as part of their monthly meetings.  This Work Plan has been updated as additional information has become available describing the activities of other TWGs.  The table below provides a synthesis of the activities planned to contribute to resolving each of the four issues identified above:

V2I Deployment Issues
(Note: issues are not prioritized)
Anticipated TWG 3 Actions Anticipated Completion Date
Issue 1: V2X Applications Support other TWG’s in the identification and prioritization of V2I applications. 2/2016
Issue 3: V2I Data Aggregate perspectives from group members and their contacts with DOTs, OEMs, and other partnerships, define the issues that must be addressed about V2I data, prioritize them to share the results with TWG 2 2/2016
Issue 7: Understanding the Benefits and Costs of V2I Deployment and Operation Aggregate perspectives from group members and their contacts with DOTs, OEMs, and other partnerships, use case studies to identify application value and costs, share V2I survey result of TWG 1 with OEMs 2/2016
Issue 16: Operators and OEM Goals for V2I Develop a consensus list of prioritized goals for deploying V2I solutions. 8/2016

Table 2 – Summary of TWG #3 Approaches to the V2I Issues


TWG 3 Chronology of Monthly Meetings & Syntheses of Results

TWG members have chosen to meet monthly by webinar.  The following synthesis provides high-level summaries of the webinars, and dates of future webinars that have not yet occurred.

July 2015

July 16, 2015 Webinar Summary:

The July webinar was the first webinar of TWG 3, and the first meeting since the in-person meeting in Pittsburgh. The group was polled on high priority issues to be addressed by TWG 3. The group discussed specific actions related to the work plan.

August 2015

August 18, 2015 Webinar Summary:

The August webinar featured CAMP’s Mike Shulman’s presentation on V2I safety applications. The work plan was also discussed by solicitation of group members for identified group activities.

September 2015

September 21, 2015 Webinar Summary-Walton Fehr
September 21, 2015 Webinar Summary -Matt Smith

During the September webinar, Matt Smith (Chair of TWG 3) presented a summary of the V2I DC Executive Committee meeting held on September 10, 2015.  The Executive Committee has established the V2I DC initial focus areas for V2I applications to be: Intersections, Queue Warning Systems, Work Zone Management, and Curve Warnings. Guest speaker Walt Fehr, with USDOT, gave an USDOT ITS JPO update. Several volunteers were identified on the meeting to participate in the two activities in identifying application value and costs, and data issues.

October 2015

October 19, 2015 Webinar Summary 1-Mike Shulman
October 19, 2015 Webinar Summary 2-Matt Smith

During the October webinar, Steve Kuciemba (PB) and Melissa Tooley (TTI) were identified to lead the two activities. Additionally, Matt informed the group how different working group coordinate and collaborate together. Guest speaker Mike Shulman, with CAMP, introduced the Security Certificate Management System (SCMS) to the group.

November 2015

November 20, 2015 Webinar Summary:

The November webinar featured guest speaker Colin Castle, Michigan DOT, talked about Connected Vehicle data use from Michigan DOT’s perspective. Steve Kuciemba (PB) and Melissa Tooley (TTI) briefed group members their rudimentary plans in conducting the two activities of the group.

<<Attach meeting summary, attendee list, and presentation slides as attachment(s)>>

Note: December webinar was canceled as the two activity leads have been gathering input from fellow group members. Team meeting for activity members may be scheduled to discuss two identified issues of the group.

2016 Webinars:

February 2016

February 25, 2016--Update:

Working Group 3 did not host any meetings in January and February. Instead, TWG3 conducted several one-on-one and group interviews to gather group members’ perspectives on value and costs, and data issues of V2I applications. The results from these interviews are being assembled and will be reported to the group members on the next call, scheduled for Thursday, March 10, 2016 from 2:30 – 4:00 p.m. EST.

March 2016

March 10, 2016 Call: Two discussion drafts that TWG 3 has produced in addressing the two activities on identifying value and cost and data issues in V2I applications are shown in the PDFs below:

V2I Safety Application Data Issues
V2I Safety Application Implementation Value

Addtional 2016 Webinar Information to Come:

To be posted when completed.  For information about the webinar, email Adrian Guan at: