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Executive Committee

V2I DC Executive Committee Overview

The V2I DC Executive Committee (V2I DC-EC) serves as a leadership body of the Coalition. The V2I DC-EC provides input to each of the five Technical Working Groups (TWGs).  In addition to serving in a leadership role to the V2I DC, The V2I DC-EC interacts with the Connected and Automated Vehicle Executive Leadership Team (CAV-ELT). 

The role of the V2I DC-EC is to:

  • Define the primary focus areas for the entire V2I DC;

  • Identify goals that the V2I DC can use to measure progress towards accomplishing the focus areas;

  • Support the work of the TWGs by offering input to the processes and review of work completed; and

  • Elevate the results of technical work to the Connected Vehicle Executive Leadership Team (ELT) for policy level considerations.

V2I DC Executive Committee Meetings:

April 21, 2016 V2I DC Executive Committee meeting:
The V2I DC Executive Committee held their second in-person meeting in Detroit, Michigan on April 21, 2016.  

Click here for a complete summary of the meeting.

During the April meeting, the Executive Committee reconfirmed the need for ongoing actions of the V2I DC, and agreed to a set of focus areas for Phase 2 of the V2I DC to be:

1.    Increasing OEM interaction (e.g. data needs of OEMs and owners/operators
2.    Increasing understanding of the use of the V2I Guidance documents, particularly how to develop interim
       information to support end user needs between formal releases of the Guidance documents 
3.    Encouraging SPaT deployments nationwide
4.    Initiating V2I security activities with an emphasis on defining a V2I approach for the four focus areas
5.    Developing a roadmap for the four V2I focus areas defined by the Executive Committee through common
       definitions and prioritization of applications within each focus area
6.    Defining needs, priority, direction, and consistent terminology for V2I outreach to various end users
7.    Mining data from completed/underway projects/proposals to better understand approaches to V2I

The V2I DC Executive Committee held their inaugural meeting on September 9-10, 2015. A summary of the September, 2015 V2I DC-EC meeting can be found at the following link:

V2I Deployment Coalition Executive Committee Meeting Summary – September 9-10, 2015

During the September 9-10, 2015 meeting, the V2I DC-EC agreed to a set of goals for the overall coalition. These goals are summarized below:

Overall V2I Deployment Coalition Goals as set by the V2I DC Executive Committee

Goal #1: Help to accelerate the deployment of V2I technologies at intersections where the majority of crashes and/or congestion occur;

Goal #2: Help to accelerate the deployment of V2I technologies to support end of queue warnings in locations with high rates of rear-end collisions;

Goal #3: Help to accelerate the deployment of V2I technologies for work zone management; and

Goal #4: Help to accelerate the deployment of V2I technologies for curve warning systems.

The V2I DC EC roster is shown in the table below:

V2I DC-Executive Committee Position Current Appointee
CEO, State DOT – AASHTO Appointed
(Chair of V2I DC Executive Committee)
Shailen P. Bhatt
Colorado DOT
CEO, Public Sector – ITE Appointed Randell H. Iwasaki
Contra Costa Transportation Authority
CEO, Public Sector – ITS America Appointed Carlos M. Braceras
Utah DOT
Executive, Private Sector Trish Plonski
Executive, Private Sector David St. Amant
AASHTO STSMO CV Working Group Chair Blaine Leonard
Utah DOT
V2IDC Deployment Initiatives TWG Chair Bill Legg
Washingon State DOT
V2IDC Deployment Research TWG Chair Greg Larson
V2IDC Operator, OEM, and Supplier Partnerships TWG Chair Matthew Smith
Michigan DOT
V2IDC Deployment Guidance TWG Chair Faisal Saleem
Maricopa County
V2IDC Deployment Standards TWG Chair Edward Seymour
Texas A&M Transportation Institute
Executive Participation from USDOT FHWA (Observer Capacity) Jeffrey Lindley
Executive Participation from USDOT NHTSA (Observer Capacity) John Harding
Executive Participation from USDOT ITS-JPO (Observer Capacity) Ken Leonard
Executive Committee Support Gummada Murthy
Executive Committee Support Siva Narla
Executive Committee Support Steve Bayless
ITS America

V2I DC-EC Relationship with Other Organizations

As noted above, the V2I DC-EC interacts with USDOT and the CAV ELT.  The figure below illustrates the overall interactions of the V2I DC-EC.