NOCoE Case Studies

NOCoE Case Studies capture the strategies and practices currently being deployed to advance the TSMO industry and enable TSMO practitioners to save lives, time, and money.

Case studies are developed in partnership with the authoring organization or individual to succinctly transfer knowledge for the effective use by others in the industry.

Many of the case studies come from TSMO Award Submissions. Please be sure to consider submitting your practices for upcoming awards.

Additional case studies focus on academic and industry collaboration models, the 2017 solar eclipse, and other TSMO practices being deployed throughout the country.

Emergency Shoulder Use During Hurricane Irma

IN THIS CASE STUDY YOU WILL LEARN: 1. The difference between emergency shoulder use and hard shoulder running. 2. How simulation models helped determine the most suitable routes of evacuation using emergency shoulder use. 3. How public communications on the road and via 511 enable the use of the... Learn More

A Comprehensive Hurricane Response Action Plan For South Florida

IN THIS CASE STUDY YOU WILL LEARN: 1. How a Hurricane Response Action Plan ensures TSMO practices are used during a major weather event. 2. The benefits of a creating detailed checklists for before, during and after a storm. 3. Why redundancy and agency collaboration are essential aspects of... Learn More

Severe Incident Response Vehicle Program In The Florida Panhandle During Hurricane Michael

IN THIS CASE STUDY YOU WILL LEARN: 1. How severe incident response vehicles supported both the general public and emergency responders. 2. How District Four SIRV operators worked with the District Three traffic management center to respond to requests received. 3. The presence of SIRVs enable other... Learn More

US 90 Signal Phase and Timing (SPaT) Project

IN THIS CASE STUDY YOU WILL LEARN: 1. How SPaT can serve as a first step in the deployment of connected vehicle technologies. 2. The importance of field reviews, placement of devices and how to develop an understanding of the geography of the roadway in order to deploy SPaT. 3. The importance of... Learn More

Regional Traffic Management Center Traveler Information Website

IN THIS CASE STUDY YOU WILL LEARN: 1. How partners worked together across boundaries to build a real-time traveler information website for the region. 2. How working with a vendor, they were able to use vast amount data streams to provide RTMC functionality to the outside world. 3. The traveler... Learn More

Partnerships Transforming Communication and TSMO

IN THIS CASE STUDY YOU WILL LEARN: 1. How a multi-modal agency with some of the busiest transportation facilities in the world approaches Communication and TSMO. 2. How PANYNJ developed its strategies and partnerships to deploy effective TSMO. 3. Communicating TSMO-related data and information... Learn More

Nevada Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Coalition Hosts Las Vegas Valley Hands-On TIM Excercises

IN THIS CASE STUDY YOU WILL LEARN: How the relationship between traffic crashes, incident response and clearance, as well as effective communications helped to drive the early success of Nevada’s TIM Program. Why the multi-agency TIM training helped participants find solutions to overcome... Learn More

Hurricane Irma Evacuees Use of Florida 511

IN THIS CASE STUDY YOU WILL LEARN: 1. Florida’s 511 system is bilingual, providing information in English and Spanish via social media and their website. 2. Live camera feeds allowed hurricane evacuees to see road conditions on their planned routes. 3. The 511 system messages were seen over 200... Learn More

Live 511 Call Center Created Between North Carolina DOT and Correctional Institute for Women

IN THIS CASE STUDY YOU WILL LEARN : 1. How NCDOT avoided a large expense in replacing the aging 511 system. 2. How partnering with the Correctional Institute provided cost savings and resulted in improved customer service. 3. The opportunity provided needed skills to inmates about to reenter the... Learn More

511PAConnect: Two-Way Direct Emergency Communication for Stranded Travelers

IN THIS CASE STUDY YOU WILL LEARN: 1. The need for a two-way communications system and the planning required. 2. How the two-way communications system was implemented. 3. How 511PAConnect was effectively communicated to the public. BACKGROUND In January 2016, Winter Storm Jonas caused hundreds of... Learn More