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Safety Service Patrol Industry Association Founded September 2018

Safety Service Patrols (SSP) are currently operated in nearly 40 states, providing valuable first responder services on the nation’s most traveled roadways.  Working in coordination with law enforcement and other first responders, SSP Operators provide safe, quick clearance of incidents and debris, and offer assistance to motorists to get them safely on their way.  SSPs save lives and generate a positive rate of return on investment for DOTs and other agencies, making them one of the most important and popular services provided to the traveling public.  

The men and women operating this vital highway safety service deserve a collective voice to help promote their safety, working conditions and public awareness. The Safety Service Patrol Industry Association was formed to be that collective voice.

Mission Statement

“To improve the standardization and professionalism of Safety Service Patrols’ emergency traffic response operations across the Nation, and to promote a higher level of recognition of the vital role Safety Service Patrols play in keeping our roadways safe.”

Association Goals

  • SSP Minimum job responsibilities and training
  • SSP Working Conditions (toolkit)
  • SSP Best Practices (information)
  • Model Legislation
  • Raising SSP Awareness (Motorists, Legislatures, marketing, media, communications)

Charter Members

Georgia Department of Transportation (Highway Emergency Response Operations (HERO))

Maryland Department of Transportation (Coordinated Highway Action Response Team (CHART) Emergency Traffic Patrol)

Minnesota Department of Transportation (Freeway Incident Response Safety Team (FIRST))

North Carolina Department of Transportation (Incident management Assistance Patrol (IMAP))

Parsons Transportation

Tennessee Department of Transportation (Highway Emergency Lane Patrol (HELP))??

Travelers Marketing

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2020  SSPIA Winter Volume 2, Issue 1

2019 SSPIA Fall Volume 1, Issue 2

2019 SSPIA Summer Volume 1, Issue 1

For More Information

Jason Josey, GDOT – ; (404) 635-2429

Pete Harrison, Atkins -; (678) 247-2638