NOCoE Case Studies

NOCoE Case Studies capture the strategies and practices currently being deployed to advance the TSMO industry and enable TSMO practitioners to save lives, time, and money.

Case studies are developed in partnership with the authoring organization or individual to succinctly transfer knowledge for the effective use by others in the industry.

Many of the case studies come from TSMO Award Submissions. Please be sure to consider submitting your practices for upcoming awards.

Additional case studies focus on academic and industry collaboration models, the 2017 solar eclipse, and other TSMO practices being deployed throughout the country.

Florida DOTs Truck Parking Availability System

IN THIS CASE STUDY YOU WILL LEARN: Why a truck parking system is essential to both the efficient movement of goods and the safety of truck drivers. How stakeholder engagement and academic partnerships can be leveraged to build out a statewide truck parking system. Where sponsorship opportunities... Learn More

Florida DOT Regional District Management Center

IN THIS CASE STUDY YOU WILL LEARN: How North Florida implemented a Regional Transportation Management Center as part of their TSMO implementation. How the Regional Transportation Management Center (RTMC) incorporated Integrated Corridor Management into their TSMO strategy. How the RTMC had... Learn More

Florida Department of Transportation Capability Maturity Model Self-Assessment Survey

In This Case Study You Will Learn: The Florida Central Office reorganized from an ITS office to TSMO office in 2015. Florida developed a “crosswalk” for performance measures that shared commonalities between TSMO (recurring and non-recurring congestion) and Capacity (recurring congestion). TSMO is... Learn More

FDOT's TSMO Program

IN THIS CASE STUDY YOU WILL LEARN: How Florida Department of Transportation was able to combine a long standing ITS program into a more encompassing TSMO Strategic Plan. How the TSMO Strategic Plan was instrumental in developing a Statewide Arterial Management Program (STAMP) Action Plan. How the... Learn More

FDOT's Smart Work Zone Initiative

IN THIS CASE STUDY YOU WILL LEARN: How FDOT is currently leveraging intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and connected and automated vehicle (CAV) applications to create smart work zone (SWZ) projects on resurfacing, construction, or widening projects How FDOT will evaluate deployed... Learn More

Escanaba River Bridge Deck Warning System

IN THIS CASE STUDY YOU WILL LEARN: How the Michigan Department of Transportation (Michigan DOT) used ITS to give drivers warning of possibly icy conditions. Insight on how coordination with the ITS program office to secure funding, coordination with the consultant (AECOM) and MDOT design units for... Learn More

Emergency Shoulder Use During Hurricane Irma

IN THIS CASE STUDY YOU WILL LEARN: 1. The difference between emergency shoulder use and hard shoulder running. 2. How simulation models helped determine the most suitable routes of evacuation using emergency shoulder use. 3. How public communications on the road and via 511 enable the use of the... Learn More

Drone Use During the Amtrak Cascades Derailment and Response

On the morning of December 18, 2017, Amtrak train 501 derailed near DuPont, Washington, causing railcars and one locomotive to fall onto Interstate 5 (I-5), hitting several passenger cars and shutting down the freeway. I-5 southbound was ultimately blocked for 57 hours, an impressive accomplishment... Learn More

Development of Engineering Dashboard and Camera System allows for Real-Time Incident Management

In This Case Study You Will Learn: Why the City of Bellevue looked for a real-time API dashboard and camera system to monitor and respond to traffic incidents at intersections. How the integrated system allows for remote and quick response to incidents, and post incident analysis. About operations... Learn More

Development and Maintenance of TSMO Implementation and Strategic Plan

IN THIS CASE STUDY YOU WILL LEARN: 1. How maintaining a TSMO Strategic Plan supports agency direction. 2. How to develop TSMO business case studies that address different audiences 3. How to promote TSMO among different constituencies BACKGROUND Although maintenance and operations services in... Learn More