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Technical Resources Working Group

Chair: Faisal Saleem, Maricopa County DOT.

Co-chair: Navin Katta, Harman


The Technical Resources TWG focuses on the identification of resource needs and institutional challenges, such as workforce development. The working group also provides review and analysis of other products and resources, such as deployment guidance and IOO-OEM Forum outcomes. This TWG meets quarterly on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 11:00AM Eastern. 

Webinar Summaries

Below are summaries for the Technical Resources Working Group:

Additional Resources

Connected Vehicle Deployment Environment: A resource developed by the Technical Resources Working Group to describe a holistic view of the CV deployment environment that is necessary to support a successful, interoperable CV implementation. The intended audience for this document includes infrastructure owner operators (IOOs) that are implementing or want to begin a CV deployment and need to understand the overall picture of the CV environment.

CAV White Paper: The Technical Resources Working Group developed a white paper to document CAV resources that have been developed or are currently being developed to help practitioners more easily identify all available documents to assist in deployments and also identify resource gaps.  This white paper was initiated based on an identified need to consolidate information about available CAV resources developed by a variety of stakeholders into a single document for practitioners to more easily access.