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CRSW Theme for Wednesday, November 16

Slow Down, Move Over

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Activities for Wednesday, Nov 16 Theme: Slow Down, Move Over


For Organizations

  • Highlight the Move Over laws in your State. Consider messages that include a local first responder quote or brief video narrative.
  • Publish article on the importance of the Move Over laws.

Social Media Message Examples:

  • During this Crash Responder Safety Week—and every week—slow down and move over when passing traffic incidents. Traffic incident responders also have families waiting for them to arrive home. #RoadsideHeroes
  • All 50 States and D.C. have Move Over laws requiring drivers to slow down and move over when they are near stationary response vehicles, but not all Americans know they exist. Know your State's law. #RoadsideHeroes

For Responder


  • Share stories or testimonials via social media that focuses on your role clearing roadway incidents and the risks you take while doing so.
  • Attend the National Kickoff Webinar and sign the virtual CRSW Proclamation.

Social Media Message Examples:

  • One of the things I'm most worried about when wearing this uniform is being hit by a passing motorist. Keeping responders like me safe is EVERYBODY'S responsibility. Slow down, move over, and stay alert when you are driving near incidents. #RoadsideHeroes
  • As a [YOUR RESPONSE DISCIPLINE], I work roadside to keep all road users safe. This Crash Responder Safety Week, and every week, please respect my workspace by slowing down, moving over a lane, and staying alert. #RoadsideHeroes

Reference Resources:

  • News Article by Colorado DOT, Motorists Reminded to Move Over for First Responders
  • Maryland expands Move Over Law to include all stopped, standing, or parked vehicle displaying warning signals.
  • Move Over Campaign Materials (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) — The Traffic Safety Marketing USDOT site includes sample logos, infographics, banner ads, media advisory, news release, call to action, and a Q&A on the Move Over laws.
  • Move Over Law (Wisconsin DOT) — This 8-minute YouTube video highlights the State's Responder Safety law and offers three testimonials –from police, transportation, and towing representatives.
  • Move Over Law Trooper (New Jersey Government) — This 30-second YouTube video requests drivers to slow down and move over, citing the law and the life-ending impact on a police officer.
  • Safety Service Patrol Close Call (Tennessee DOT) — This 2-minute YouTube video from Tennessee Safety Service Patrol operator, David Leake, shares his near-miss story and asks motorists to stay alert.
  • Slow Down Move Over ( — This 30-second downloadable video features EMS, fire, law enforcement, transportation, and towing responders asking motorists to slow down and move over with the message "we've got your back, do you have ours."
  • It's No Picnic Out Here ( — This 30-second downloadable video asks motorists to slow down, featuring EMS, Fire and Rescue, and Police personnel.