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CRSW Theme for Tuesday, November 15

Responder Training

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Activities for Tuesday, Nov 15 Theme: Responder Training


Activities for Organizations

  • Share if TIM Training is required for your discipline and State.
  • Collaborate with other response discipline organizations to jointly promote the National TIM Responder Training using social media.

Social Media Message Example:

  • Nearly every week, a #responder is killed while helping clear a roadway incident. Many more sustain life-altering injuries. [YOUR AGENCY/ORGANIZATION] encourages all responders to take the free traffic incident management training. #RoadsideHeroes
  • Whether an emergency medical services, fire and rescue, law enforcement, public works, towing, transportation, or other traffic incident responder, this Crash Responder Safety Week get TIM trained. ( Do it for your family, your fellow on scene responders, and all road users. #RoadsideHeroes

Responder Activities

  • Sign up for the free National TIM Responder Training online or in-person course.
  • Use social media to encourage your coworkers to take the National TIM Responder training.
  • If you’ve taken the National TIM Responder Training, share on social media what you learned and why others should take the course.

Social Media Message Example:

  • I'm [NAME], and I'm a traffic incident responder in [AREA]. If you're a part of our local [TOWING, LAW ENFORCEMENT, FIRE, EMS, TRANSPORTATION, OR PUBLIC WORKS] community, share your photo for Crash Responder Safety Week. And please spread the word about free national training that might save our lives: #RoadsideHeroes

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