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CRSW Theme for Monday, November 14

Respect Our Roadside Heroes

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Activities for Monday, Nov 14 Theme: Respect Our Roadside Heroes


For Organizations

Social Media Message Examples:

  • [YOUR ORGANIZATION] stands with the US Department of Transportation in bringing attention to Crash Responder Safety Week. We honor our #RoadsideHeroes who risk their lives to safely and quickly clear roadway incidents.
  • Today we begin Crash Responder Safety Week. [YOUR ORGANIZATION] joins Governor [NAME] of [STATE] in recognizing the critical role our traffic incident responders play in saving lives and keeping traffic moving through safe, quick roadway clearance. We honor our #RoadsideHeroes.

For Responder


  • Share stories or testimonials via social media that focuses on your role in clearing roadway incidents and the risks you take while doing so.
  • Attend the National Kickoff Webinar and sign the virtual CRSW Proclamation.

Social Media Message Example:

  • As a [YOUR RESPONSE DISCIPLINE], I work roadside to keep all road users safe. This Crash Responder Safety Week, and every week, please respect my workspace by slowing down, moving over a lane, and staying alert. #RoadsideHeroes

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