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CRSW Theme for Friday, November 18

Driver Education

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Activities for Friday, Nov 18 Theme: Driver Education


For Organizations

  • Bring attention to teaching adherence to Move Over laws through driver education, schools, other venues.

Social Media Message Examples:

  • Does your driver safety education cover your State's Move Over laws? Teach your students that when they approach stationary responder vehicles, they should reduce speed, and if possible, change lanes to keep our roadside heroes safe. #RoadsideHeroes
  • Parents, teach your children about "Slow Down and Move Over" practices when they drive near a traffic incident. Reduce speed, and if possible, change lanes to keep drivers, passengers, and roadside heroes safe. #RoadsideHeroes

For Responder


  • Share via social media how you help establishing good driving habits for children in your family and the broader community.

Social Media Message Examples:

  • I teach by example. When I drive, I buckle up, put my phone away, and slow down and move over for all traffic incident responders. Please do the same to keep me and other road users safe. #RoadsideHeroes

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