Transportation Technology Tournament: 2018 Participant Solutions and Presentations are Now Available

The 2018 Transportation Technology Tournament featured nine student teams working to develop technology and operations solutions to solve real-world transportation challenges. After undergoing trainings and working with local and state agencies, teams developed an initial solution document providing an overview of their ITS or TSMO solution. After judges evaluated these documents, four teams were chosen to attend ITE 2018 to present on their solutions in person.

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Making the Connection Between Planning and Technology

The innovative format used in yesterday’s session, Connecting the Way We Plan and Deliver Transportation with Emerging Technologies, allowed students and future transportation leaders to engage directly with a few of our most important industry leaders around the very topics that will define how our transportation system evolves. Merging the advantages of technology with sophisticated management strategies will be critical to the future of transportation but Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO) hasn’t always been the easiest concept to explain or understand. Read More

ITS America Detroit 2018

We are excited to be in Detroit this week for ITS America 2018 where we’ve noticed an abundance of conversations around TSMO, including quite a few sessions specifically focused on improving the transportation system with operations. A few sessions we are excited about include: Read More

Optimizing the Transportation System

Let’s get one thing straight: TSMO isn’t looking to achieve a balanced transportation system, TSMO is looking to achieve an Optimized transportation system. The process required to optimize the transportation system is where all of you exist after starting TSMO. I am not saying balance is a bad thing, but there are situations where balancing across modes, within a cycle length, or a street cross section is not the optimal solution. Read More