Colorado DOT Making Moves to Create Safer Highways for Truck Drivers

Via Roads & Bridges

The Challenge:

When it snows in Vail, Colorado, it’s a skier’s dream—but for drivers, especially of trucks maneuvering steep mountain roads, it can be treacherous. To make things safer, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) wanted to widen I-70 at both sides of mountain pass locations to allow trucks to pull off and safely chain-up their wheels. Read More

Decision Support Systems for Performance-Based TSMO: TRB Workshop Accelerates Exploration

The principles and technologies of Decision Support Systems (DSS) are being innovatively adapted to advance Transportation Systems Management & Operations (TSMO).  Specific examples and associated concepts and opportunities were explored for the second year in a row at a TSMO DSS Workshop at the TRB Annual Meeting.  The workshop highlighted how Connected Data Systems and other emerging sources of data for transportation operations are both enabling and challenging our capacity for performance-based TSMO.  DSS evolved in the last half of the 20th Century as a computer-based se Read More

Virginia DOT To Partner With Waze Traffic App


The Virginia Department of Transportation is partnering with the crowdsourced navigation app Waze to offer more real-time information to drivers.

VDOT recently announced in a statement the partnership in which the private and public entities will share app and website data. Waze apps provide up-to-date traffic information — like speeds, accidents and navigation — based on reports provided by users. Read More

ITS JPO Celebrates its 25th Anniversary


On December 18, 1991, the ITS JPO was founded as part of the federal aid transportation program reauthorization. Its founding was a significant public commitment to ITS technology. The founding of a federal ITS program was a crucial step that laid the foundation for the innovative research, development, deployment, and public-private partnerships that have continued to this day. Read More