AASHTO Completes Series of Reports Tracking Commuter Trends and Behavior

Via AASHTO Journal

WASHINGTON – America is a nation on the move – rarely more so than during its daily commute to work, which comprises approximately 28 percent of all daily trips on U.S. roadways and transit systems, according to a new research paper. Understanding how individual commuters get to work is critically important for transportation decision makers tasked with operating and maintaining the nation’s transportation infrastructure.

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Don't Miss the 2015 Congressional Roundtable Event Series

Membership to ITS America's 2015 Congressional Roundtable event series is now open. Congressional Roundtables are monthly breakfast or lunch events that provide ITS America members with a unique opportunity to have off-the-record discussions with members of Congress and key policymakers about federal legislation and strategy pertaining to opportunities to advance ITS solutions in the surface transportation reauthorization legislation.

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