Data Systems and Asset Management

TRB Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2460 consists of papers that address the value proposition for transportation projects; automated road travel surveys; development of alignment-based parametric data exchange schema for bridge geometry; pavement condition monitoring with crowdsourced connected vehicle data; traffic collision record mapping; a methodology to map routes from a truck permit database; and full-body occlusion handling and density analysis in traffic video-surveillance systems.

This issue of the TRR also examines a hybrid short-term traffic speed prediction model; adaptive learning; automatic extraction of number of lanes from georectified aerial images; design of freeway entrance speed change lanes; comparison of sichel and negative binomial models in hot spot identification; efficient Bayesian probabilistic inference of damage in truss structures based on vibration measurements; data mining and complex network algorithms for traffic accident analysis; valuing of transportation infrastructure; evidence-based decision making for transportation asset management; alignment of transportation data to agency strategic objectives; and development of a visualization system for safety analysts.