Industry Developments

FHWA Publishes Performance Management Final Rules Required by MAP-21

On Wednesday, January 18, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) published in the Federal Register the final rules for the last two national performance management measure regulations. One rule establishes regulations to assess the condition and performance of bridges on the NHS and of pavements on the Interstate and non-Interstate NHS. The other establishes regulations to assess the performance of the National Highway System (NHS), Freight Movement on the Interstate System, and the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement (CMAQ) Program.

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ITE Transportation and Health Initiative: Statement of Intent

At the January meeting of the ITE International Board of Direction, the Board established a 2017 initiative on Transportation and Health.  Past President, Paula Flores, was charged with working with ITE staff and volunteers in the development of this initiative and the preparation of a Statement of Intent to share with ITE members.  Over the last several months Paula and Jeff Lindley, ITE's Chief Technical Officer, have worked to lay out a series of steps and actions that ITE can take in the coming months to advance this initiative.  

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The Future of DOT Staffing

By Steve Ingracia, National Technology Practice Leader, Olsson Associates

As I write this, I am returning home from the 2015 National Rural ITS conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. Carlos Braceras, the forward-thinking executive director of the Utah Department of Transportation, gave the keynote address this year, and in his remarks he echoed several things I have been thinking about in the last several years.

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UDOT Citizens Reporter Program

The UDOT Citizen Reporting Program enlists volunteers to report on current road conditions along specific roadway segments across Utah. The volunteers can be UDOT employees, law enforcement, truck drivers, plow drivers or commuters. The long term goal of adding Citizen Reporters to UDOT’s weather operations road reporting is to supplement current condition reporting on segments where drivers are already traveling.

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Highway Advisory Radio- New FCC Rule

The FCC has released new rules for Traveler Information Stations also known as HAR or Highway Advisory Radio. The Commission reaffirmed an AASHTO interpretation of the restriction on the rebroadcast of routine NOAA weather by reaffirming our position the rebroadcast of weather information is restricted to periods of unusual or extreme events. The Report and Order specifically calls out snow, ice, fog and hurricanes as examples of some types of extreme weather events that would affect traveler safety.

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Vehicle Consumers Want Traffic and Parking Information


What do consumers want to do with cars connected to the Internet? At least for now, they want to do things that will make their lives easier while driving, according to industry research firm Gartner.

‘On demand, real time traffic information is the top thing consumers desire, said Thilo Koslowski, automotive technology expert with the company, at the Telematics Update conference going on in conjunction with CES.

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USDOT Releases Plans for the Future of ITS

The U.S. Department of Transportation's plans for the future of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Research are available now! The ITS Joint Program Office just released the ITS Strategic Plan 2015-2019, outlining the direction and goals of the ITS Program.

Some highlights of the plan include program categories, which provide the structure for research, development, and adoption of ITS technologies:

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