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Highway Advisory Radio- New FCC Rule

The FCC has released new rules for Traveler Information Stations also known as HAR or Highway Advisory Radio. The Commission reaffirmed an AASHTO interpretation of the restriction on the rebroadcast of routine NOAA weather by reaffirming our position the rebroadcast of weather information is restricted to periods of unusual or extreme events. The Report and Order specifically calls out snow, ice, fog and hurricanes as examples of some types of extreme weather events that would affect traveler safety. The Commission has also revised the audio filtering requirements and allowed the disabling of an internal 3 kHz audio filter as long as a filter meeting the new 5 kHz requirements is installed as per the new rule. Implementing this change will increase the audio performance and intelligibility of TIS or HAR broadcasts. Station operators are allowed to make this change to the station audio filtering without affecting the type acceptance of the transmitter assembly. These rule changes, the second in 38 years, will affect currently installed stations and new construction. TRAVELERS' INFORMATION STATIONS. Reaffirmed and clarified that TIS licensees may integrate weather broadcasts into TIS feeds during times of hazardous conditions. The Report and Order adopts new filtering rules and procedures. by Order on Reconsideration. (Dkt No. RM-11514 09-19 RM-11531 ). Action by: the Commission. Adopted: 03/25/2015 by R&O. (FCC No. 15-37).


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