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NOCoE News: #Orange4Safety

"Work zones are temporary. Actions behind the wheel can last forever."
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April 17, 2024

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Featured Resources

NOCoE homepage in orange for Go Orange Day

Go Orange Day April 17, 2024

NOCoE is showing support for roadway safety work zones by going orange today.

Hundreds of people are killed every year in work zone crashes. Most are drivers, their passengers and pedestrians. That means, as this year’s National Work Zone Awareness Week message says, “Work zones are temporary. Actions behind the wheel can last forever.” National Work Zone Awareness Week is April 15-19. Please do your part.

Learn more about National Work Zone Awareness week at:
NOCoE Work Zone Management and TSMO Peer Exchange Report

Work Zone Management and TSMO Peer Exchange Report

NOCoE’s Work Zone Management and TSMO Virtual Peer Exchange is intended to host transportation agency professionals with experience and interest in developing, implementing, and managing maintenance and construction work zones. The goal is to expose practitioners to the latest developments in work zone management and hold discussions among peers about practical experience, opportunities, and challenges with different practices.

The peer exchange will be virtual using the NOCoE’s Zoom software and developed as a two-day exposure to various aspects of the topic, open to state, regional, and local TSMO stakeholders. Staff from specific programs with experience in the topic will be invited to speak and attend.


Work Zone Case Studies

Arizona Connected Vehicle Work Zone

The Maricopa County Department of Transportation (MCDOT), as part of AZTech and the Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA’s) Every Day Counts initiative, developed a system for deployment of Smarter Work Zone technology at work zone sites. The smart work zone system is designed to be implemented during the construction of MCDOT's MC-85 project. The system will use the Connected Vehicle Work Zone (CVWZ) technology to provide dynamic, real time, and continuous work-zone related in-vehicle information.
In June 2016, MCDOT conducted a Smart Work Zone Technical Feasibility Concept Study to layout the project’s operational concepts and performance measure strategies (See the study here).
Better Work Zone Information to Drivers case study

Better Work Zone Information to Drivers

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) developed the Work Zone Data Exchange (WZDx) initiative to standardize work zone data amongst agencies and third-party navigation companies. WZDx’s intended purpose is to deliver important data right into connected and ultimately, autonomous vehicles.
Comprehensive Work Zone Management Program case study

Comprehensive Work Zone Management Program

Iowa is the crossroads of America’s Heartland with Interstates 35 and 80 crisscrossing the state. A recent report by TRIP, a national transportation research nonprofit, indicates freight moved by trucks in Iowa will increase 53 percent (by value) from 2016 to 2045. Managing interstate and other critical regional connections to meet the needs of existing and projected freight growth has challenged the Iowa Department of Transportation (Iowa DOT) to focus on minimizing delays and improving safety, especially when highway construction creates these issues. Iowa DOT’s 2016 TSMO Strategic and Program Plans reinforced the Department’s continued need to focus on proactive work zone management as one of eight critical areas.

TSMO Research Submissions

TSMO Research Submissions Open Until July 14

TSMO Research Submissions Open Until July 14

The Research in Operations (ROPS) database is a centralized, online repository for sharing and rating new transportation operations research ideas. The National Operations Center of Excellence maintains and supports ROPS with support from AASHTO.

Ideas for TSMO-related research are welcome from practitioners across the transportation community, whether public or private.

If you have ideas for NCHRP research projects, please submit them to the Research in Operations (ROPS) Database before July 14, 2024:

Note: you will need to be logged in to your NOCoE account to submit.

How to Submit Your Idea

How to submit

Upcoming Webinars

Empowering Tomorrow's Transportation Leaders: A Spotlight on Dynamic Workforce Training Resources
April 18th, 2024

Transportation Operations Manual (TOM) Series: Resources to Support the TOM
April 18th, 2024

Incorporating Paid Digital Ads into Your Communications Toolbox
April 18th, 2024
Talking TIM: April 2024
April 24th, 2024

Coffee Break TSMO: April 2024
April 30th, 2024

Road Weather Spotlight: Managing Low Visibility Events
May 1st, 2024
Empowering Tomorrow's Transportation Leaders: A Spotlight on Dynamic Workforce Training Resources webinar
Incorporating Paid Digital Ads into your Communcations toolbox webinar
Talking TIM April 2024 webinar
Coffee break TSMO April 2024
Road Weather Spotlight Managing Low Visibility Events webinar

TSMO in the News

NHTSA: Motor Vehicle Traffic Fatalities Declined in 2023 (AASHTO Journal)
One Year Later: Distracted Driving Down After New Law Went Into Effect In Ohio (Mahoning Matters)
Statewide Series Of Transportation Safety Meetings Starts In Redmond, Oregon (KBND Radio)

Industry News

ITS America Conference and Expo website

ITS America Conference & Expo

 April 22-25, 2024
 Phoenix Convention Center, Arizona

Nomination form NOW open 2024 Operations Academy

2024 Operations Academy

The Operations Academy™ is a total immersion transportation systems management and operations (TSMO) program that has become the nationwide standard for TSMO training. It was developed in response to the increasing demand for personnel with skills in these areas and has trained over 650 professionals since the first class was held in March 2007.

The program uses a mix of classroom instruction, speakers, workshops, and analysis of existing systems to ensure the retention of the principles being presented. It provides opportunities to practice and internalize the principles learned which is not possible in traditional classes and short courses. The completion of this program represents a significant accomplishment for each participant.

The Nomination Form for the 2024 Operations Academy is NOW open.


The Congestion Relief Grant Program Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO)

On February 21 2024, the Congestion Relief Grant Program Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) announced the availability of up to $50 million per Fiscal Year (FY). This is the program’s first NOFO covering three years (FY 2022 through FY 2024), totaling $150 million. The program is established in Section 129(d) of Title 23. The NOFO is published in,, or search using “693JJ324NF00009.” The application deadline is April 22, 2024.

The Congestion Relief Program will provide discretionary grant opportunities to States, metropolitan planning organizations, cities, and municipalities. The purpose of the program is to advance innovative, integrated, and multimodal solutions for congestion relief in the most heavily congested metropolitan areas of the United States, specifically for urbanized areas surpassing a population of 1 million people. The primary goal of the program is to reduce highway congestion and reduce the economic and environmental costs associated with that congestion. This would be achieved through several means, which include improving intermodal integration with highways; improving overall highway performance; reducing or shifting highway users to off-peak travel times or to non-highway travel modes during peak travel times; and pricing mechanisms. The minimum required amount for an award is $10 million with a minimum 20 percent non-Federal match.

An upcoming external webinar dedicated to providing details of the program and its NOFO is being scheduled.  We will follow up with the date and time along with a registration link for the event. This information will be updated in the listing as well. Additionally, our office will coordinate an internal webinar tailored to the select Division Offices covering the localities that are eligible under this program.

If you have any questions on the Congestion Relief Program, please contact program manager, Frank Corrado, at, 689-262-0211.

Active Transportation Infrastructure Investment Program

Department of Transportation
DOT Federal Highway Administration

This Notice of Funding Opportunity will result in the distribution of up to $44,550,000 for two different categories of grants: (1) Planning and Design Grants and (2) Construction Grants.

The Active Transportation Infrastructure Investment Program (ATIIP) projects will help improve the safety, efficiency, and reliability of active transportation networks and communities; improve connectivity between active transportation modes and public transportation; enhance the resiliency of on- and off-road active transportation infrastructure and help protect the environment; and improve quality of life in disadvantaged communities through the delivery of connected active transportation networks and expanded mobility opportunities.

The ATIIP grants will allow communities to identify, prioritize, and implement improvements to the largest barriers to safe, accessible, and equitable pedestrian and bicycle network connectivity through the development of infrastructure that will provide substantial additional opportunities for walking and bicycling. Eligible organizations will be able to create plans or implement active transportation networks that connect destinations within or between communities or create plans or implement an active transportation spine connecting two or more communities, metropolitan regions, or States. The ATIIP also provides an opportunity for eligible organizations to enhance their overall transportation network by integrating active transportation facilities with transit services, where available, to improve access to public transportation.


About the National Operations Center of Excellence (NOCoE)

NOCoE provides services to the transportation systems management and operations (TSMO) community to saves lives, improve travel times, and enhance economic vitality. With an emphasis on workforce development, NOCoE aims to assist in the deployment of technologies and the mainstreaming of TSMO solutions by fostering education, networking, communication, and knowledge transfer.

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