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February 17, 2022
NCHRP 08-119 Data Portal
The objective of the on-going NCHRP 08-119 project is to develop tools, methods, and guidance for improving data integration, sharing, and management practices. This will enable transportation agencies, in collaboration with private-sector and public-sector stakeholders, to make better planning and operations decisions.

The purpose of this website is to provide users with easy-to-find resources and materials discovered and created during the NCHRP 08-119 research. The current content reflects research conducted from Phase I of the project (conducted between September 2019 and August 2020) and has been categorized in terms of data “application areas” (e.g., work zone, crowdsourced, planning, shared mobility). Within these application areas, users can find resources to support improved sharing, integration, and management of data for improved decision-making.

NOCoE News
Data Governance for TSMO Peer Exchange Report
By: Niloo Parvinashtiani
Technical Services: Webinars and Peer Exchanges
In April 2021, the National Operations Center of Excellence hosted a virtual peer exchange on data governance for TSMO. The peer exchange brought together 30 participants from 12 agencies representing different jurisdictions across the country. The peer exchange was kicked off by several presentations and discussions on how to better integrate the organization's programs and offices for Data Governance. Next, the processes and partnership elements of the data governance were discussed. Once a framework of discussion was established, two aspects of strategic-level decision making for TSMO were discussed: (1) Current data needs for decision making; (2) Future data needs for decision making. The peer exchange was concluded with a roundtable discussion on organization and workforce implications for TSMO Data Governance.  


The participating agencies shared their data governance framework and example definitions of the roles and responsibilities that have helped them establish a common understanding of all agency staff about “what is data governance”. The agencies also shared their experience in the data business planning process where they went through the exercise of identifying challenges, gaps, solutions, and action items to ensure maximum efficiency in managing data. Specific examples included MnDOT Data Business Plan,  Iowa DOT Data Management Action PlanIowa DOT Data Management Business PlanIowa DOT Data Management Strategic Plan, and Washington DOT's COVID-19 dashboard as well as presentation slides and shared resources that are available on the peer exchange resource page here.   


Workforce recruitment and retention remain a challenge for TSMO professionals, especially for the data management roles. Currently, the appropriate set of classifications does not exist for hiring operations-related data positions. Several agencies shared their current example position descriptions (Minnesota DOT, Tennessee DOT, and MARC). Additionally, multiple areas of TSMO were identified where a trend of increased demand is observed which included field technician-type support, traffic signal maintenance services, related IT services, and TMC management.  

Please download the full report that is available here to view more details including attendee polls, presentation summaries, captured discussions, and shared resources. 

Industry News
TTV News Special Report, Transportation Systems Management, and Operations (TSMO)

This Transportation TTV News Special Report explains Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO). Susan Klasen, the TSMO Administrator at NHDOT, shows us how state departments of transportation across the country use TSMO strategies to make the multimodal transportation networks they are responsible for safer and more efficient. Klasen also gives viewers a close-up look at her department's Traffic Management Center, explaining how it helps detect, verify, and respond to traffic incidents. The video also explores the various technologies associated with TSMO strategies that use data to help DOTs achieve their transportation facilities' greatest efficiency and performance.
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Technical Services: Webinars and Peer Exchanges

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