Using the Traffic Incident Management Benefit/Cost (TIM-BC) Tool


As part of the transportation systems management and operations (TSMO) project, the Saxton Transportation Operations Laboratory (Saxton Lab) is working to improve the TIM-BC tool and would like to get user feedback. This webinar provides an overview of the TIM-BC tool developed through the FHWA’s Office of Operations Research and Development. The tool calculates program costs and benefits for a variety of TIM strategies including safety service patrol, driver removal laws, and dispatch colocation. It can be used to assess proposed expansion of existing TIM programs, assess the value of creating a new TIM program, or compare alternatives.

Download the TIM-BC tool before the webinar:

Target Audience

  • Transportation agencies & Infrastructure Owner Operators
  • University researchers
  • Developers and deployers of CDA technology

Learning Objectives

Participants will learn how to use the tool from Saxton Lab engineers and developers, and have the opportunity to provide feedback and ask questions. There will be an opportunity in early 2022 for participants to discuss improvements, including the incorporation of CARMASM TIM and transit signal priority use cases.


Nicole Paladeau (Communications Specialist, Leidos)


Govind Vadakpat (Government Task Manager, FHWA)

Zhitong Huang (Project Manager, Leidos)

Yingyan Lou (Senior Software Engineer, Leidos)

Sujith Racha (Project Manager, Leidos)

Operations Area of Practice

  • Roadway Safety Services / Roadway Safety Patrol
  • Traffic Incident Management
  • Economic Sustainability

Organizational Capability Element

  • Economic Analysis of Reliability/Costs and Benefits
  • Traffic Incident Management

Event Type

  • Webinar

Content Type

  • Presentation

Publishing Organization

  • NOCoE

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Issue Date
December 14th, 2021
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