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Key Findings from TRB 2022 Workshop 1002: Assessing Traffic Management Systems (TMSs) Capabilities and Performance

The purpose of this workshop was to understand Traffic Management System (TMS) capability and performance assessments. These assessments can communicate TMS value to stakeholders, guide management and operations decisions regarding TMS improvements, and support next generation TMS capabilities. The next generation of TMSs and their centers (TMCs) offer agencies the potential to significantly improve transportation safety and mobility.

The workshop leveraged the collective insights and experience of attendees during interactive breakout discussions. Workshop participants identified practices, available resources, and key issues for agencies to consider with respect to:

  • Assessing TMS Capabilities
  • Assessing TMS Performance
  • Identifying TMS Improvement Opportunities

Four presentations were used to frame workshop topics:

Comprehensive materials below capture workshop findings:

A complete workshop slide deck is also available.

This workshop builds on the theme and topics explored during the 2021 TRB workshop, “Vision, Concepts, and Capabilities for the Next-Generation of TMSs.”  Findings from these breakout groups will shape the actions of workshop co-sponsors in 2022 and 2023.

Workshop co-sponsors included:

  • TRB Intelligent Transportation Systems Committee (ACP15)
  • TRB Freeway Operations Committee (ACP20)
  • TRB Traffic Signal Systems Committee (ACP25)
  • TRB Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Computing Applications Committee (AED50)
  • TRB Active Traffic Management Joint Subcommittee (ACP20-5)
  • TRB Regional Transportation Systems Management & Operations Committee (ACP10)
  • AASHTO Committee on Transportation System Operations, ITS Work Group
  • ERTICO Traffic Management 2.0 Innovation Platform
  • European Association of Operators of Toll Road Infrastructures (ASECAP)
  • International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association (IBTTA)
  • Traffic Management Center Pooled Fund Study (TMC PFS)