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Resources - Traffic Management System and Centers

This page provides access to technical resources agencies can use to improve the capabilities and performance of traffic management manage systems (TMSs) and centers (TMCs). These systems and TMCs control traffic through the application of policies, operational strategies, traffic control plans, or other actions to improve the safety and mobility of travelers using the surface transportation system. They allow agencies to share information with other systems, service providers and travelers in support of mitigating any potential impacts resulting from adverse weather, environmental conditions, or non-recurring events (e.g., special events, incidents). Access TMS related resources via the following topics:

Assessing Traffic Management Systems (TMSs) Capabilities and Performance

Day-to-Day Management and Operation of TMSs and TMCs

Special Events - Management and Operation of TMSs and TMCs (e.g., emergencies, weather)

Staffing and Operators

Data, Data Platforms, Data Management, and Tools for TMSs

Sharing Information, Electronic Messages, and Security

Software, Software Platforms, and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for TMSs

Feasibility Studies and Planning for TMSs

Designing and Developing TMSs

Procuring and Implementing TMSs

ITS and Field Devices

Traffic Signal Systems and Signal Timing

Monitoring, Evaluating and Reporting on TMS Performance

Inventorying and Assessing TMS Assets and Capabilities

Managing TMS Assets and Resources