NOCoE News: Faisal Saleem Begins as New NOCoE Director plus ATM Project Map

February 3, 2022
Use Our ATM Project Map
The TRB Committee on Freeway Operations (ACP20) has been leading an effort to track and share information on active traffic management (ATM) projects around the country. Thanks to their efforts, we’ve been able to develop a map outlining the projects based on ATM strategies and sub-strategies. 
Please visit the site to learn more about how ATM projects are being used across the country.
New NOCoE Director
By: Scott Marler
Director, Iowa DOT and Chair, NOCoE Strategic Advisory Council
As Chair of the NOCoE Strategic Advisory Council, I would like to welcome Faisal Saleem as the Director of the NOCoE as of Monday, January 24.

Faisal has dedicated his career to advancing TSMO through ITS strategies and solutions to improve safety, mobility, and efficiency. Faisal has served the Maricopa County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) for nearly 20 years as the ITS Branch Manager, the MCDOT SMARTDrive Program Manager and the AZTech Technical Lead. He has been instrumental in mainstreaming TSMO institutionally by leading MCDOT and AZTech (a regional ITS partnership) in process improvements through the integration of TSMO strategies and solutions.

Faisal has also served the industry nationally, as well, as a key leader in advancing ITS and TSMO. In addition to participating and leading national trainings and technology transfer events, Faisal was named as a NOCoE TSMO Champion in 2020.

As the new NOCoE Director, Faisal’s primary responsibility will be to advance the mission of NOCoE: to provide centralized services to the transportation industry through workforce development, advancing the deployment of technology and practices, and the mainstreaming of TSMO across the industry.

Faisal will work closely with NOCoE’s founding partners (AASHTO, ITE, and ITS America) and the Federal Highway Administration, who supports NOCoE, to advance emerging Operations practices while also supporting proven TSMO strategies with a robust technical service program.

Faisal will lead a NOCOE team experienced in transferring knowledge to advance the TSMO industry. Adam Hopps will move into a new role leading the technical service program and communications for NOCoE, Niloo Parvinashtiani, of ITE, will continue to lead NOCoE’s webinar series, and additional staff from AASHTO, ITE, and ITS America will continue to support NOCoE’s technical program.

I look forward to working closely with Faisal to advance the TSMO industry. Please join me in welcoming Faisal as the new NOCoE Director.

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