Webinar Series, Part 1: Achieving Better Coordination Between Operations and IT

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Start Date:

September 01, 2020 from 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm EDT


This is the first of two webinars that will discuss challenges and opportunities that TSMO practitioners face regarding information technology. This first webinar will present some of these challenges and how the project has developed possible solutions, or effective practices. A panel of practitioners from operating transportation agencies representing both Operations and IT will discuss their experiences with addressing challenges cooperatively and successfully.

Webinar Series Overview

Those responsible for implementing, operating, and maintaining Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO) solutions have long understood the challenges related to deploying, integrating, and managing transportation technologies (e.g. ITS). However, increasingly technology for TSMO is intersecting with traditional information technology (IT) functions and groups. This growing role of IT within TSMO/ITS functions is creating both opportunities and challenges. Opportunities include the ability to collaborate, leverage respective skill sets, improve network security, and gain advantages in procurement and maintaining IT infrastructure. Challenges include disconnects, misunderstandings, and points of conflict on program priorities, risks, and potential difference in standards.

The FHWA-led Leveraging and Coordinating Technology Resources for Transportation Systems Management and Operations research effort explores common challenges between TSMO practitioners and IT staff and identifies effective practices to overcome these challenges that have been implemented by a variety of transportation organizations. This webinar series is intended to share findings from the FHWA project and to hear about the experiences and lessons learned in coordinating IT and TSMO from transportation agencies.

Target Audience

  • Senior managers with TSMO responsibilities
  • TMC managers
  • IT Managers involved with supporting Transportation Operations
  • Transportation operations staff
  • IT staff involved with supporting Transportation Operations

Learning Objectives

  • Become familiar with IT challenges that Operations personnel face.
  • Learn about potential effective practices in overcoming these challenges.
  • Learn about the Principles and Strategies for Effective Coordination of IT and TSMO reference document.


  • Jim Hunt, FHWA
  • Les Jacobson, WSP USA


  • Doug Tomlinson, Pennsylvania DOT
  • Bob Taylor and Craig Shuey, Pennsylvania Turnpike
  • Brad Freeze and Joe Kirk, Tennessee DOT
  • Les Jacobson, WSP USA

Look ahead for second webinar of the series

The second webinar in this series will discuss challenges and opportunities that TSMO practitioners face regarding information technology. The second webinar will focus on specific effective practices to address IT-related challenges and how to use the reference document to find effective practices to address a large number of challenges. Registartion for Part 2 is available here.



Event Type:


Organizational Capability Element:

  • Technical Understanding

Operations Area of Practice:

  • Decision Criteria for ITS Device Type and Location
  • Integrated ITS Deployment
  • Procurement Approaches