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TSMO Resource Connect On-Demand Connection with NOCoE Director

We are expanding the way we connect you, the practitioner, with resources via our TSMO Resource Connect effort.

The TSMO Resource Connect service aims to be a tool for the growing TSMO industry to give you access to information and people when you need it with direct assistance from us at NOCoE. We know you're busy and while our knowledge center, case studies, and webinar recording library is full of valuable TSMO resources, we want to provide you with more direct access to the resources and networking opportunities you need to improve your TSMO activities.

Here are some examples of how this service can help you:

  • Looking for resources on any topic of TSMO
  • Looking for an expert on a particular TSMO topic
  • Researching new technologies or initiatives
  • Learning more about an existing initiative that NOCoE is involved in
  • Anything TSMO

Email Nicholas Ramfos to set-up an appointment.