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NOCoE Webinar PDH Credits

NOCoE is pleased to provide Professional Development Hours (PDHs) as part of its Webinar Program. Each month, NOCoE provides a PDH tracking sheet to assist webinar attendees with keeping track of their professional development activities. The PDH credits are available for those attendees who register and attend the live webinar (Effective September 1, 2020). All upcoming NOCoE Webinars can be viewed from NOCoE Calendar.

Please note that it is the responsibility of the attendee who is seeking PDHs to submit documentation to their licensing board. Below is a form that the webinar participants can use to confirm their participation at the event in question. Please complete this form to track your PDHs and keep with your personal records (Do not return to NOCoE).

2024 Tracking Sheet Forms:

January - March 2024 PDH Tracking Sheet
April - June PDH tracking sheets available in late May


2023 Tracking Sheet Forms:

January - March 2023 PDH Tracking Sheet
April - June 2023 PDH Tracking Sheet
July - September PDH Tracking Sheet
October - December 2023 PDH Tracking Sheet


2022 Tracking Sheet Forms:

January 2022 PDH Tracking Sheet July 2022 PDH Tracking Sheet
February 2022 PDH Tracking Sheet August to September 2022 PDH Tracking Sheet
March 2022 PDH Tracking Sheet October 2022 PDH Tracking Sheet
April to June 2022 PDH Tracking Sheet November and December PDH Tracking Sheet