Talking TIM Webinar Series: December 2020

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December 15, 2020 from 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm EST


The Talking TIM webinar series, brought to you by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), provides a forum where TIM champions with any level of experience can exchange information about current practices, programs, and technologies. Each month, the FHWA TIM Program Team will feature content that highlights successful programs, identifies best practices, and showcases technology that advances the profession. Topics and presenters for this webinar include:

  • Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) Role in TIM – Dale Picha, Texas Department of Transportation will discuss ITE efforts to improve traffic safety as a part of the "Meet the Executive Leadership Group" series. 
  • TIM Benefit/Cost Tool – Pavle Bujanovic, Federal Highway Administration’s Turner Fairbanks Highway Research Center, will demonstrate the free, available tool to help agencies quantify the benefits from their TIM Programs.
  • Getting the Most from Your National Responder Training Reports – Katie Belmore, HNTB, will discuss how best to share and market the reports to spur greater training.
  • JAWS Debris Remover Demo and KC Scout Program Overview –  Marcus Slaughter, Missouri Department of Transportation, Kansas City Scout Incident Management Coordinator will demonstrate their truck-based machines that move debris off highways and roads without workers having to exit the vehicle. He will also provide an overview of the Kansas City Scout program.

The FHWA TIM program managers, Paul Jodoin and Jim Austrich, will also provide news associated recent FHWA Every Day Counts Round Six (EDC-6) Virtual Summit and a significant TIM responder training milestone. For more information regarding this series, please reach out to Paul Jodoin or Jim Austrich. To download presentations from previous webinars or to view previous webinars, please visit FHWA's Talking TIM Webinar Series hosted by NOCoE.



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  • Traffic Incident Management