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Crowdsourced Data for Commercial Vehicles

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New Jersey and Colorado DOTs are using crowdsourced data and private sector partnerships to deliver real-time information to commercial vehicles and improve the safety of all road users. Because commercial vehicles have far greater stopping distances, unexpected slowdowns on roadways pose a significant safety threat, particularly at the back of queues. Transportation agencies can now deliver in-cab alerts about road conditions through connected truck service providers to help commercial vehicle drivers approach and react more quickly to roadway incidents, work zones, and adverse weather conditions. Following are the presenters for this webinar:

  • Craig Hurst is the manager for the Colorado Department of Transportation Freight Mobility and Safety branch, and he will describe how crowdsourcing data improves traveler information, weather management, and safety management on the I-70 corridor.
  • Jarrod Del Prado serves as the Vice President of Operations at PrePass Safety Alliance, and he will describe how the agency works with the Colorado Department of Transportation to share data using in-cab systems for drivers.
  • Bob Trent serves as Vice President of Communications for PrePass Safety Alliance and leads communications, public relations, and safety outreach efforts. He will support question and answers related to in-cab alerts and operator uses for crowdsourcing data.
  • Salvatore Cowan is Director of Mobility for the New Jersey DOT, and he will discuss how crowdsourcing data helps the agency improve operations and the nexus with important road users like commercial vehicle operators.
  • Amy Lopez is the Director of Public Sector Services and Smart City Strategy at INRIX, and she will describe partnerships with the New Jersey DOT that leverage crowdsourcing data for operations. 
  • Marc Nichols is the Director of Government and Industry Relations for Intelligent Imaging Systems and Drivewyze.  He will describe how data is shared with commercial vehicle operators to promote safety and situational awareness.

Register for the upcoming Crowdsourced Data for Commercial Vehicles webinar to learn how New Jersey and the Colorado Departments of Transportation are improving roadway safety through in-cab alerts and broader truck information (e.g., parking or inspection). This webinar is a part of the Adventures in Crowdsourcing webinar series sponsored by FHWA Every Day Counts Round Six (EDC-6) Crowdsourcing for Advancing Operations Program. To learn more, reach out to Program co-leads, James ColyarGreg Jones, or Ralph Volpe.

Learning Objectives:

Understand agency perspectives about how crowdsourcing data has helped to improve traffic operations.


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    Freight Management
    Freight Data / Analysis
    Freight Technology and Operations