Adventures in Crowdsourcing Webinar Series

The Federal Highway Administration’s Every Day Counts Round 5 (FHWA EDC-5) Crowdsourcing for Operations Innovation brings you the Adventures in Crowdsourcing webinar series to highlight innovative applications of varied crowdsourced data and to share crowdsourcing building blocks that will help agencies garner the greatest value from crowdsourced data.

December 2020: New Destinations with FHWA EDC-6 Innovation

October 2020: Business Case for Crowdsourced Data

September 2020: Using Crowdsourced Data for Traveler Information

August 2020: Validating Crowdsourced Data

May 2020: Social Media for Improved Operations

April 2020: Identifying and Managing the Back of Queues

Feb 2020: Crowdsourcing Traffic Signal Applications

Jan 2020: Crowdsourced Data Management and Governance

Dec 2019: Crowdsourcing and Vendor Engagement

Nov 2019: Engaging Navigation Provider

Oct 2019: Crowdsourced Incident Management Tools