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Connected Fleet Challenge Resources

Resource Area #1: Existing On-Board Unit (OBU) Procurement Documents

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Connected Vehicle Procurement State of the Practice Assessment: Summary Findings Report (Final) (2018)

Researched and assessed the current state of the practice on the procurement of connected vehicle technologies by transportation agencies, determined initial lessons learned from early deployers, and identified next steps and recommended activities toward improving the likelihood that agencies will successfully procure connected vehicle projects. 


Resource Area #2: Lessons learned about mounting OBUs

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Commercial Vehicle (CV) Retrofit Safety Device (RSD) Kits Project: Final Report (2014)

Describes the results of a project to develop vehicle agnostic RSD kits to be installed on a vehicle to provide vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) safety application capability.

Connected Commercial Vehicles - RSD Kit Project: Final Report (2014)

Developed a retrofit safety device (RSD) that can be used in various brands and models of heavy trucks. The RSD kits provide the functionality needed for cooperative V2V and V2I safety applications.

Connected Commercial Vehicles—RSD Kit Project: Applications Performance and Functional Test Report (2014)

Documents tests on the functionality of the safety applications of install RSD kits on a closed course.

Connected Commercial Vehicles—Integrated Truck Project: Vehicle Build and Build Test Plan Final Technical Report (2014)


Integrated and validated connected vehicle on-board equipment (OBE) and safety applications on selected Class 8 commercial vehicles and supported those vehicles in research and testing activities that provide information and data needed to assess their safety benefits and support regulatory decision processes.

Connected Commercial Vehicles—Integrated Truck Project: Vehicle Build Test Draft Report (2014)

Describes the testing that was conducted on four tractors that were integrated with connected vehicle OBE and safety applications. 

Wyoming DOT Connected Vehicle Pilot Determines Appropriate Tractor-Trailer Antenna Placement and Equipment Configuration

Describes modifications to the initial antenna placement on semis. If antennas are not positioned appropriately on the semi, the box trailer with likely “block” the signal broadcast.

Connected Vehicle Pilot Deployment Program – Driving Towards Deployment: Lessons Learned from the Design/Build/Test Phase (2018)

Covers experiences and lessons learned from the deployment sites including experiences with mounting and installing CV devices inside vehicles.


OBU Installation and Testing

Presentation of ongoing initiatives and lessons learned with OBU installation and testing.

Integrating Mobile Observations (IMO) 3.0 in Minnesota (2017)


The effort included DSRC hardware installation for six roadside units and five vehicles, and the development of new network and software protocols to meet communications and data collection objectives.  The document includes lessons learned.

Nevada Department of Transportation’s IMO 3 Project (2018)


Phase 3 created a sustainable system that leveraged DSRC data telemetry (common to other Connected Vehicles projects), and employed these capabilities in every-day use by road maintenance personnel. The document includes lessons learned.

Michigan Department of Transportation Integrated Mobile Observations 3.0 Connected Vehicles for Road Weather Management Project Summary Report (2018)



Documents lessons learned with preinstall, install, post installation, field devices, and mobile devices for Michigan DOT’s IMO project.


Resource Area #3: BSM Information

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Generating Traffic Information from Connected Vehicle V2V Basic Safety Messages (BSM): Literature Search (2017)

Includes studies and reports related to receiving, combining and processing BSMs and traffic information.

Wyoming Connected Vehicle (CV) Pilot Data Sharing Leads the Pack

Describes how the project automatically provides sanitized BSM and Traveler Information Messages (TIM) to the public through the ITS Public Data Hub.

Wyoming CV Pilot Basic Safety Message One Day Sample

Live running log of approximately one day's worth of sanitized BSM from the Wyoming CV Pilot project.


Resource Area #4: Overviews of potential on-board applications

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ITS Joint Program Office – CV Pilot Deployment Program: Connected Vehicle Applications and Supporting Documentation

Website of supporting documentation of connected commercial vehicles applications.


Additional Resources

Weather-Savvy Roads – West Des Moines: A City’s Approach to Vehicle-based Technologies Case Study (2018)

Reviews a local agency approach to leverage available technologies to enhance winter maintenance operations in West Des Moines, Iowa.

Weather-Savvy Roads – Leveraging Multiple Communications Systems for Vehicle-Based Data Sharing: Nevada Department of Transportation Case Study (2018)

Reviews the Nevada DOT approach to leverage radio, cellular Wi-Fi, and Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) for sending IMO data to cloud resources and the Nevada Data Exchange (NDEx).

Multi-Modal Intelligent Traffic Signal System – Phase II: System Development, Deployment and Field Test – Final Report (2016)

Developed a detailed design, constructed the software and hardware system, and conducted a field test of a comprehensive traffic signal system that services multiple modes of transportation, including general vehicles, transit, emergency vehicles, freight fleets and pedestrians.

5.9 GHz Dedicated Short Range Communication Vehicle-based Road and Weather Condition Application – Deployment Report (2017)

Develop and test the acquisition of road and weather condition information from 5.9 GHz DSRC-equipped public agency vehicles; to transmit this data via RSE to a central server; and ultimately to store it for use by agency maintenance personnel.

Architecture and Design - Transit Bus Stop Pedestrian Warning Application (2017)

Describes the Draft System Architecture and Design for the Transit Bus Stop Pedestrian Warning application including the design for the pedestrian detection system and DSRC radio to be deployed at transit stops and includes details on the Enhanced Transit Safety Retrofit Package platform upon which the TSPW application will run on the transit vehicle.

Transit Safety Retrofit Package Development – Final Report (2014)

Provides a summary of the Transit Safety Retrofit Package (TRP) Development project and its results. The report documents results of each project phase, and provides recommended next steps as well as a vision for a next generation TRP.