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2020 Transportation Technology Tournament

University of Michigan wins the 2020 Transportation Technology Tournament for their curb space management project for multi-modal transportation in downtown areas.

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Commencing in February of 2020, the 3rd annual Transportation Technology Tournament was a joint effort of the ITS JPO Professional Capacity Building program and the National Operations Center of Excellence to help push the future workforce to understand the communications, teamwork, planning, and interdisciplinary skills required to work in the transportation industry. Nine participant teams were asked to work with a local or state DOT to identify a real-world challenge that DOT is facing and to use ITS technologies and transportation systems management and operations (TSMO) strategies to develop a solution or set of solutions to address that challenge.

Teams participating were:

School Problem Statement Final Presentations (coming soon)
Auburn University A new method to detect and estimate the potential risk for wrong-way driving incident based on Yolo V3  Full video
Florida International University Automation of traffic signal plan modification decision in response to non-recurrent congestion Full video
Iowa State University Improving the communication of work zone data Full video
University of Michigan Curb space management for multi-modal transportation in downtown areas Full video
University of South Florida Mitigating work zone incidents and improving work zone safety through ITS technologies Full video
University of Tennessee - Knoxville

Rural ITS solutions for I-40 at Rockwood Mountain and i-75 at Jelilico Mountain in Tennessee

Full video


The finalist teams presentated at the ITE Virtual Annual Meeting in front of industry leaders and judges. The judges chose University of Michigan as the winner!