Supplementary Resources for 2019 Operations and Maintenance Peer Exchange

State DOTs

On June 11-12th, 2019, the National Operations Center of Excellence held a Maintenance Peer Exchange in Montgomery, Alabama. Hosted by the Alabama Department of Transportation, the purpose of the peer exchange was to facilitate knowledge transfer between state DOT operations and maintenance practitioners around the country. The following resources are provided to complement the information sharing captured during the peer exchange. For a full report and presentation slides see here. The supporting documents and resources provided as part of the peer exchange include:

  1. Agenda and Participants List
  2. Merged PDF with All Peer Exchange Slide Presentations
  3. AL: ALDOT Statewide TSMO Program Plan with Appendix
  4. AL: ALDOT Statewide TSMO Strategic Plan
  5. AL: ALDOT Statewide TSMO Master Plan PowerPoint Slides
  6. AL: Non-professional Maintenance Job Descriptions (Folder)
  7. MD: MD CAV 101 Flyer
  8. MD: MD TSMO Program
  9. MD: MD TSMO Infographic
  10. MI: MI Maintenance Program Overview
  11. MI: MI TSMO Program Overview
  12. MI: MI Wiki - Contract Administration and Oversight Guidelines for ITS Projects
  13. MI: MI Service Prequalification Classifications and Descriptions
  14. MI: MI Maintenance Training/Position Description/Support Materials (Folder)
  15. MI: MI Accomplishments Report (2011-2018)
  16. MI: MI Special Provision for Movable Concrete Traffic Barrier
  17. MN: MN TSMO Fact Sheet
  18. ND: NDDOT - Operations & Maintenance Overview
  19. ND: ND Maintenance Position Description (Folder)
  20. NOCoE: TMSO Workforce Guidebook
  21. WSDOT Work Zone Traffic Control Guidelines for Maintenance Operations

Operations Area of Practice

  • Active Traffic Management (ATM)
  • Work Zone Management
  • Equipment Management
  • Sign Maintenance and Replacement

Organizational Capability Element

  • Traffic Incident Management
  • Work Zone Management
  • Organizational Structure/Staffing
  • Recruitment and Retention
  • Staff Development

Event Type

  • Meeting
  • Workshop

Content Type

  • Best Practice

Publishing Organization

  • State DOTs
  • NOCoE

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June 11th, 2019
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