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New ITS America Report Re-examines the Challenges of Wireless Interoperability and Vehicle Connectivity

Via ITS America

Findings Suggest Vehicle Applications to Benefit from Standards for Heterogeneous Networking

A new report titled, Vehicle Applications and Wireless Interoperability: Heterogeneous Networks, "Multi-Path" Applications and their Impact on Transportation released by the Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITS America) investigates how heterogeneous mobile broadband networks could enable interoperability between next generation vehicle and road infrastructure applications.

Automakers, transportation agencies, and others have for more than a decade lamented the lack of wireless interoperability between disparate Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), such as tolling, traffic control, and vehicle remote diagnostics. The emergence of Dedicated Short-Range Communications (DSRC) solved the largest part of this interoperability problem -- specifically in reference to life-saving next generation vehicle safety technologies such as crash avoidance systems.  This report emphasizes that a new open internetworking standard is emerging to address interoperability of dissimilar mobile broadband networks– the Multi-path Transmission Control Protocol (Multi-path TCP).

Download the full report.

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