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TSMO and MoD Peer Exchange

TSMO and MOD Peer Exchange

by Sarah Abel, NOCoE Technical Services Manager

Last month, the National Operations Center of Excellence (NOCoE) hosted a virtual peer exchange on integrating transportation systems management and operations (TSMO) and Mobility on Demand (MOD). The virtual peer exchange, hosted in partnership with ITS America, included attendees from over 25 agencies, with some agencies sending multiple staff from both operations and mobility offices.

The virtual peer exchange covered 4 topics that were identified as common overlaps between TSMO and MOD but could be further expanded in the profession through peer-to-peer presentations and discussion. The topics covered included:

  • TSMO and MOD as an integrated system
  • Gaps and opportunities in the mobility ecosystem
  • Understanding complete trip using TSMO and MOD
  • Technology and data analytics in MOD and TSMO

The sessions included presentations from NOCoE’s 2021 Best TSMO Award Winner for TSMO Performance Program and Traffic Operations Analytics Tool from Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and an overview of a MaaS/MOD Practitioner Survey currently being conducted by ITS America and UC Berkeley. During the 3rd and final session of the virtual peer exchange, Bob Sheehan from USDOT ITS/JPO presented key concepts from the Mobility on Demand Marketplace Concept of Operations Blueprint before participants engaged in three breakouts focused around scenario planning for operations centers being the conduit for MOD in and TSMO out, traffic incident management for MOD and TSMO, and integrating MOD supply and demand in TSMO travel demand management.

Stay tuned for more information on follow up items from the TSMO and MOD Integration Peer Exchange soon on the NOCoE website. Also, read the full March 18, 2021 newsletter here: