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NOCoE News: PennDOT Makes a Business Case for TSMO

Plus, Emergency Response Day at the ITS World Congress and an upcoming safety webinar.

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September 29, 2022
Introducing the HTSO RoadMap

by: Douglas Tomlinson, P.E.
Chief, Highway Safety and Traffic Operations Division
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
HTSO Roadmap
Over the past few months, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s (PennDOT) Highway Safety and Traffic Operations (HSTO) Division has been developing a “business plan” entitled the HSTO RoadMap. Our initial thought for the RoadMap was to model it after an investment prospectus with the goal of helping DOT leadership better understand “why PennDOT should invest in the HSTO business areas.” A second goal was for those outside of HSTO (other areas of PennDOT, consultants, academia, etc.) to understand what’s important to us and where we are heading in the coming years. Finally, for our internal HSTO team, we wanted a document that could help everyone better understand the value of the work they do and gain a better understanding of the efforts of their coworkers across the Division.

We look forward to seeing the benefits from the HSTO RoadMap, and will learn from the initial version to make any needed adjustments for the next one in a few years.

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ER Day 2022
ITS World Congress 2022
Emergency Response Day returned to ITS World Congress this year on Tuesday, September 20. On a crucial mission to increase the personal safety of responders and motorists while restoring mobility for an emergency, commercial, and personal traffic, this year’s Emergency Response Day focused on emerging technology-based problems and solutions responders will face in evolving smart city infrastructure environment.
ITS World Congress 2022
Speakers at 2022 ITS World Congress
Educational programming on Emergency Response Day 2022 included:
• Session I - ER Day Welcome
• Session II – The Critical Role of Technology in Managing Traffic Incidents
• Session III - Traffic Incident Management Workshop “Development and Implementation of a Comprehensive National Traffic Incident Management Training Program – a United States Success Story”
Demonstrations during Emergency Response Day 2022 included:
• Axon Demonstration: Tethered Drone Scene Monitoring
• City of Los Angeles Fire Department: Electric Fire Engine
• Ten West Towing, Inc.: Heavy Wrecker
• HAAS Alert: Connected Vehicle Alerts
• CalTrans District 2: Responder System
• J-Tech LaneBlade®: Debris Clearance System
• LA Metropolitan Transportation Authority: Freeway Service Patrol Vehicle
• pi-lit®: Sequential Electronic Flares
• 360ns Network Solutions: 360 Remote CCTV
• GEWI: Data harmonization of device and incident data
Demonstrations at ER Day 2022
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Improving Integration and Coordination of TSMO and Safety Programs
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