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NOCoE News: New resources from Michigan DOT and FHWA

Michigan shares its Real-Time Warning/Variable Speed Limit Abbreviated Concept of Operations Document.

March 3, 2022
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Organizing and Planning for Operations
The U.S. Department of Transportation Organizing and Planning for Operations Program supports the integration of Transportation Systems Management and Operations strategies into the planning process and transportation organizations for the purpose of improving transportation system efficiency, reliability, and options. This program is led by the Office of Operations and Office of Planning, Environment, & Realty of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) in coordination with the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), which work with metropolitan planning organizations, State and local departments of transportation, transit agencies, and other organizations to maximize the performance of existing infrastructure through multimodal and multi-agency programs and projects.

Visit the Organizing and Planning for Operations web page to find resources, focus areas, and news.
Recent FHWA TSMO Resources
Explore communications resources and reports, trainings, webpages, and tools from FHWA about TSMO.
Current FHWA Organizing and Planning for Operations Activities
Explore current activities and ongoing projects for operations activities.
Mainstreaming TSMO
The Federal Highway Administration has created a graphic to help understand how to integrate TSMO across a transportation agency. Click the image above to view a high resolution version of the graphic.
IT and TSMO Fact Sheets
Five fact sheets highlight how coordination between Information Technology (IT) and Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO) can occur in transportation agencies. Each Fact Sheet draws from Principles and Strategies for Effective Coordination of IT and TSMO, a Reference Document. The fact sheets cover the following topics:Project Executive Summary, Common Understanding, Agency Successes,Staffing Practices, Cybersecurity Practices. The fact sheets and two recorded webinars on the topic are available.
Michigan DOT Resource
Real-Time Warning/Variable Speed Limit Abbreviated Concept of Operations Document
By Michigan DOT
This document from Michigan DOT describes the Concept of Operations (ConOps)/System Requirements for expanding MDOT’s Real-Time Warning (RTW) and Variable Speed Limit (VSL) program. As part of MDOT’s Road Weather Management (RWM) program, RTW and VSL systems serve as one application for providing motorists with necessary weather-related insights to make informed travel decisions. MDOT has deployed RTW/VSL applications to date, and is looking to capture best practices nationally to develop a sustainable business case for continued expansion of these systems. The purpose of this document is to outline a briefed systems engineering framework for proactively identifying needs for RTW/VSL and deploying appropriate countermeasures to improve TSMO safety and traffic operations.
NOCoE News
Industry News
“Innovation Advances Toward the Future of Managing Traffic” International Symposium (4th on Freeway and Tollway Operations) will be held in Vienna, Austria on June 26-30, 2023. The Symposium will provide a platform for industry leaders, operators, managers, traffic engineers, practitioners, and researchers from around the globe to engage in discussions on the challenges, research needs, innovative methods, and approaches to collaborate to explore opportunities to improve how agencies are actively managing and controlling traffic on the surface transportation system. Key topics to be explored during workshops, poster sessions, panel sessions with industry leaders, and visionary plenary sessions will include:

1. Governance and Organizational Challenges of transportation systems management and operations covering multimodal aspects and the integration of highways, cities, and corridors, as well as public private collaboration. 
2. Managing and Analyzing Operational Strategies and Performance including methods to proactively manage and control traffic and address data, methods, and tools.
3. Next Generation of Traffic Management Systems and Services including the integration of traffic management systems, centers and services towards a traffic management ecosystem which incorporates mobility on demand services.
4. Innovative Financing to Build and Operate Motorways including use of incentives and pricing in traffic operational strategies.
November 15, 2022 is the deadline to submit abstracts to present posters or student papers at the Symposium. Abstracts for posters and student papers must be submitted to: Students papers received will be considered in the Student Paper Award competition.  Questions regarding the abstracts to submit for posters or student papers should be submitted to:
The Symposium is being co-sponsored by several TRB Committees and Council, AASHTO Committee on Transportation System Operations, ASCE, Transportation and Development Institute, AustriaTech, ASFiNAG, Conference of European Directors of Roads (CEDR), ERTICO TM2.0 (Traffic Management Innovation Platform), ASECAP, IBTTA, and IRF (Geneva, Switzerland). The Symposium is being hosted by AustriaTech together with the Ministry Republic of Austria, ASFiNAG, the Austrian Institute of Technology, and ITS Austria.
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