TSMO Strategies Peer Exchange at STSMO-SCOWCT Annual Meeting


Start Date: September 14, 2017 at 1:00 pm EST

Location: Rapid City, SD


This peer exchange will focus on allowing the State DOTs to discuss, share and collaborate on the successes and challenges of advancing TSMO strategies. The peer exchange will consist of three parts:

  • Town Hall discussion with Operations Chiefs/Directors who are leading the way in becoming a TSMO focused DOT
  • Overview of key resources and services available for TSMO professionals
  • State DOT technology roundtable on signal phase and timing (SPaT), Traffic Incident Management, and predictive analytics tools

The peer exchange is a part of this year’s annual meeting and open to all attendees of the STSMO-SCOWCT annual meeting.


1pm – 2:30pm: TSMO Town Hall

Ever wanted to ask Operations Chiefs/Directors on this whole idea of institutionalizing and integrating TSMO in DOTs? Now is your chance to come with that 1 question you’ve been wanting to ask to get a captive response from one of our TSMO leaders.

We’ll ask Denise Inda, Nevada DOT Chief Traffic Operations Engineer and John Hibbard, George DOT Operations Division Director to briefly describe how a TSMO focus is helping their agency then we’ll open up the room to questions from the audience. We hope to cover a wide range of topics and TSMO approaches, including:

  • Various styles and approaches to implementing TSMO programs within an agency
  • Success and challenges of incorporating various departments
  • Major hurdles in changing business processes and culture
  • Changes to an organization after a major event
  • And any other topic you have a question about.

2:30pm – 3pm: Examples of Technical Services and Resources in Action

FHWA and NOCoE provide resources to help DOTs integrated TSMO strategies. After a very brief overview of the resources available, we’ll learn about two specific resources for DOTs:

TxDOT TMC staffing: Brian Fariello, Texas DOT, will present on the experience and provide an update for the Virtual Peer Exchange that occurred to learn how other states had transitioned their TMCs to a 24/7 operations.

Workforce Development: Tony Kratofil, Michigan DOT, will discuss the workforce development work underway and what kind of resources DOTs can expect to have to increase their agencies TSMO knowledge.

3:00pm – 4:30pm State DOT Technology Roundtable

Key state representatives have been asked to lead off the discussion around three topics followed asking all attendees to share their experiences and knowledge. The topics will be:

SPaT Challenge: We’ll ask attendees with SPaT locations to share lessons from deploying signal phase and timing, discuss wireless communications management, and learn from the entire community about the challenges in deploying SPaT.

Traffic Incident Management in a CV world: We’ll hear from state’s who’ve already made TIM a major part of their TSMO program on how they plan to evolve their approach for connected vehicles. Then we’ll discuss how states looking to expand their TIM programs might be able to leverage connected vehicle and other technologies to accelerate the safety benefits.

System Performance Measures and Analytical Tools: How are states using predictive analytics in their operations? We’ll hear from those leading the effort to incorporate analytics into planning, operations, and maintenance and then discuss potential strategies other states might use with the right measures and analytics tools.