Talking TIM Webinar Series: July 2020

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July 22, 2020 from 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm EDT


State and local Traffic Incident Management (TIM) programs cover a broad range of maturity from emerging programs to those that are advanced. The Talking TIM Webinar Series seeks to provide a forum where TIM champions with any level of experience can exchange information about current practices, programs, and technologies. Each month, Talking TIM will highlight successful programs, identify best practices, and showcase technology that advances the profession. July webinar agenda include:

Brief FHWA Introduction & TIM Training Updates – Paul Jodoin and Jim Austrich, FHWA Office of Operations

Mark Kehrli, Director with the FHWA Office of Transportation Operations,

Mark Kehrli will share a brief introduction on the origin, membership, and direction for the TIM Executive Leadership Group.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems Use for TIM - Grady Carrick, Principle, Enforcement Engineering

Dr. Carrick will share a recently completed national scan of good practices in the use of drone technology and recommendations for your TIM program.

San Francisco Metropolitan Transportation Commission Traffic Incident Dashboard tool - Sarah Burnworth, Senior Project Manager, San Francisco Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC)

The MTC will demonstrate useful and creative features of its new Traffic Incident Dashboard tool. The tool provides an interface for viewing incident characteristics and trends. It supports keyword searching of the California Highway Patrol CAD dataset to extract additional context. The tool is accessible and user friendly for technical and general audiences.

Update on the status of the TIM Program in California - Sang Le, California DOT

Sang Le will present an overview of the TIM program within the State of California and its future direction.

Hot Off the Press: Next Generation TIM and New Responder Safety-related Research - Paul Jodoin and Jim Austrich, FHWA Office of Operations



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  • Traffic Incident Management